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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

reporting 260809;;

okay, i was meant to report monday`s day, but i 4got. :(
don`t worry, i`ll talk about monday, tuesday and wednesday while at alternative education program.

the three days have been so hot and boring =[
the group of ppls that were left were VERY quiet.

- the HOTTEST day out of the three days
- stayed in the hottest room of GS block for the last two periods
- did nothing for the three periods, last period was maths B revision

- the weather was hot
- did more maths B revision
- helped emily and nathaniel with maths xD
- got eric`s help to do one maths question

- weather finally started to get cooler again. (it`s winter, goshh)
- the group got smaller (damnn you xtiee, why didn't u go to school??)
- did more maths B revision

well that was it, nothing interesting really.
i haven`t really done much for english assignment =="

meh, i`ll try posting something interesting nxt time.
until then
tc <3

Saturday, August 22, 2009

reporting 220809;;

nothing much happened the last few weeks.

well i`m so glad to get another A+ in Accounting.
i got 100% in that exam. yay =]
but i still got two more Accounting exam coming up this term.

ohh, leadership camp, well i`m not going.
i still have to attend school for those alternative programs.

apart from that, random bits that happened today:

viet school from 8:45am - 12:15pm
- mathew was trying to remind me to pull the flag, but i shrugged. i then realised i was suppose to pull the flag. shame on me.
- learnt about the famous Vietnamese poem "Truyen Kieu". hehe, i remembered like 20 lines of it.

work from 2:30pm - 5:30pm
- hanna`s coles anniversary.

well that`s it.
i might post more on next monday.

until then,
peacee xoxo
tC <3