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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Best Chewing Gum EVER :)

Greetings peeps :)

Just wanted to show you the best chewing gum that I've came across so far...

Like OMG this chewing gum is different from the others (hence I.D = I'm Different).
When you first chew on this gum, it would give u this sweet grape flavour (hence muscat), and then later changes to a minty flavour as you progress on chewing this. Of course the flavour doesn't last forever, but the fact that it changes flavour, it really catches my eyes (and tongue). Oh, and the packing is really smart as well. You know what I mean when you get your hands on these.

They come in few other different flavours, but I haven`t got my hands on to the other flavours yet.

Well that`s it. If I do get a chance to try the other flavours, I'll post more pics on it.

Until then, tC =]