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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

reporting 310309;;

omg, i just realised it`s the last day of March 2009! :o

today was a mess >.<
i`m gonna outline today`s school day.
this morning, i knew i wasn`t gonna get a good day, as i woke up half awake and feeling grumpy.

got to school @ 8:15am, waiting for the other friends to come.
bell rang 8:55am for form class. form class went 'til 9:10am.

first lesson was IPT. we did NS-Diagrams (isn`t that great?).

AM break @ 10:25am. my friends and i started to say the name "Darlene" in a funny accent like we did yesterday... that was probably the best bit of the day.

bell rang for 2nd lesson @ 11:00am.
english lesson in 2nd lesson. did the usual, just worked out of a txt book && teacher talking about Australian Identity. lesson ended @ 12:15pm.

3rd lesson was horrible, had to do organisational skill presentation for BCT class. it was a mess. i`m probably gonna have redo 'til it`s competent. lesson ended @ 1:25pm.

ahhh. PM Break, played THiRTEEN. =D

Maths B was the last lesson i had for the day. did more maths revision, as maths B exam is on tomorrow >.< Drew talked about things not related to maths. LMAO
lesson 4 ended @ 3:05pm. thank god it`s over.

bus i caught home was pretty dodgy. it was those old crappy bus.
oh well. that was about it for today. seemed like a long tiring day to moi.

tc <3

Saturday, March 28, 2009

reporting 280309;;

oh god, less than 2 wks 'til holiday =]
(well i`ve lost track of time)

hehe, i didn`t do my BCT presentation slide yesterday coz my name wasn't drawn out from the box. ahaha

anywho, reporting Saturday, 28th March 2009.

ugh. went to viet school as usual...
okkies, fast forwarding to work.

i went to work and brought my school ID card and birth certificate like what one of the office person told me to. damn it, store manager said i needed a passport (but on the paper, it said ... and/or passport...). gosh. took a while 'til she actually photocopied my birth certificate. hmmm. she still told me to that i still need my passport =="

oh well, stuff that.
what a crappy day.

well xoxo

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Le Hai Ba Trung 2009

omg! Hai Bà Trưng Anniversary Ceremony today was different from any other year.
ahaha, i`m just gonna give a quick talk about it =D

i gotta say, it was probably better than any other years, since the time it took to do the ceremony was way shorter than any other year.

first, they had a teacher to come up to tell us a very quick story about Hai Bà Trưng.
after that, a former student to come up and say something about Hai Bà Trưng. =D that was also short too.
then the principal of the school was talking about "Bullying, No Way!" since the Trưng Sisters were kinda "bullied" into suicide.
sometime later, worship them...
(anywho i don`t exactly remembered the order of the program xd)

finally the Hai Bà Trưng ceremony ended.
there was a break after the ending of the ceremony then we went back to class like the other days.

well i might do up a brief information about the Hai Bà Trưng sometime.

anywho tc <3

Friday, March 6, 2009


well this poem is written by a guy called KP. (very anonymous =D)
it is dedicated to his grandmother.

i hope you enjoy the poem ^^

Dáng người nhỏ bé ốm o
Thức khuya dậy sớm để lo đi cày
Đất nghèo không bón được cây
Thương nội già yếu đoạ đày tấm thân
Nắng trưa đốt cháy vai trần
Sương mù lạnh buốt bàn chân nhọc nhằn
Mồ hôi tưới đất khô cằn
Thời gian in những nếp nhăn buồn rầu
Mắt mờ che dấu nỗi sầu
Tóc bà nhuộm trắng một màu bạc phơ
Đêm đêm bà thức hàng giờ
Ru cho cháu ngủ giấc mơ yên lành
Ngày xưa bà dạy cháu rằng
Mỗi khi nhớ nội nhìn trăng trên trời
Nhưng nay bà đã xa rồi
Trăng kia cũng lặng lệ vơi nỗi sầu...


grrrr. reporting 060309

ugh. what a crappy morning
(except for the part i was on a winning streak in THiRTEEN =])

outline of my day @ school:

before school - played thirteen w/ a bunch of guys. winning streak, woooh!

9:00am to 9:10am - attend form class

9:10am to 10:25am - Maths B class. ugh. class was meant to end 10:20am! well this was the shytt start of my day. spot a spider and pointed right @ it. teacher asked if i got issues. i said no.
65 min later... packed stuff to get out of class. teacher said no packing up yet =="
ugh. another 5 min, class finally ended

10:25am to 11:05am - AM break. yay. ate lunch. xtiee`s muffin tasted nice =D

11:05am to 12:15pm - Maths A class. received our marks back. =s results were good =]
can`t believe i made a stupid mistake in the MaPs Q2. got S4 for that =[ ahaha. miss winks left a little msg on the S5 MaPs Q saying well done and asked how are you =D. learnt about exchange rate.

12:15pm to 1:25pm - Accounting class. did more Journals and Ledgers. =D

1:25pm to 1:55pm - PM break. ahh, Lan && xtiee`s muffin tasted nice. =D OMG! that guy i thought that went to my vietnamese language school was a GIRL! XD
all along, xtiee, duy, me (and other ppl) thought she was a guy. well it`s the way she dress, she was wearing guy`s uniform with a boyish haircut. that was really awkward.

1:55pm to 3:05pm - BCT class. i FINALLY finished all the work need to complete for Cert 2 in Business =]
also found out BCT exam was an open book exam. yay

after 3:05pm - weekend starts =D

okkies, that`s the outline of school program today.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

the start of autumn 09

hmm, thought i might like to report about the start of autumn 09 =D

about time it starts to kick in.
i love the autumn breeze blowing into me,
it feels so cool =]

well yeh, apart from the autumn kicking in,
school is okay, i guess.

outline for the school today:

9am - went to form class

9:10 to 10:20pm - BCT class. nearly finished my exercise to get cert II in Business administration

10:20 to 11:05pm - AM break. nothing much happen, just the usual

11:05 to 12:15pm - IPT class. did more research on music piracy. gotta do a magazine article for that

12:15pm to 1:25pm - English class. ugh, feature article due. i probably will get a crappy mark for that.

1:25pm to 1:55pm - PM Break. omg! xtie, srina && tahnee forgot they got A/cting hw to do. they attempt to get it done.

1:55pm to 3:05pm - Accounting lesson. did the usual transaction analysis and General Journal. finish the Charter of Accounts, Ledger and Trial Balance tomorrow =D

well that was it for school day today.
i miss year 9, it was the best year yet. so many great things happen, but also disastrous thing happens. so much drama that year.

well that`s all i have to say for now. =D

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sweet 16

lala. i`m sweet 16 =]

ty ty to ppl who made it a great day for me ^^

ty to all who wish me a happy birthday && who gave me gifts.
i really appreciate it.

and burn in hell to those fCking bitches who are so ignorant.

apart from sweet 16 bday,

never knew Drew caught the bus to school, ahahaha

i received a letter from Cr Matthew Bourke for the recent Leadership Investiture Ceremony to congratulate me on for being elected for Year 11 Mentor. =D

that`s all for now.