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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

reporting 301010;;

ahh, it`s nearly the end of term 1. only 2.5 terms to go before i walk out of that school gate.
i thought it was been hectic this term. But wait until term 2 and 3, it`s probably gonna be more hectic.

before reporting today`s day, i`ll just quickly talk about yesterday.

i know it`s so yesterday, but hey, there`s something that was out of the ordinary that day. i had to redo my maths A MaPs exam. it was annoying at first, but when i think about it, i was pretty happy because i probably did better in this one than the one i did last friday.

in total exams i have completed that day was THREE. 2 Maths A (MaPs and KaPs) and 1 Accounting (CPA).

i hope i did well for those piece of assessments.

during the Accounting exam, the teacher gave us chocolate. ahaha.

okay, today`s day was alright. sunny at first and cloudy by the afternoon.

i had IPT blog due first up. i thought it went pretty crap, because i had to do so much edits when i was going to post the entries up. also, the stupid printer won`t print out page 4 and 5 of the task sheet. then the teacher printed the whole task sheets. man, i think i wasted most of my printing credit on IPT for this term. arghh.
well no hopes for doing well in this piece of assessment, because i`ll probably get a C again. *sigh*

my BCT planning was due today too. Emily and I rescheduled some of the due dates of our project. BCT teacher gave out easter eggs.

ahh, last lesson was maths B.
we learnt the Pythagorean Identity. man, it was like a different language to me. ahaha. we also got our Maths B exam result back. i got a B overall. it wasn`t too bad. i can`t believe i erased the correct answer for Q3 MaPs. i`ll just pretend i didn`t get the right answer in the first place.

well it seemed like a boring day. i know u guys are thinking that.

i hope i do write something interesting in the near future.

until then,
tC <3

Monday, March 8, 2010

reporting 080310;;

ahh, it was a cloudy day. i don`t think it`s gonna be sunny much this month. March so far has been rainy and a little sunny. okay, well to the point of my day.

it was a normal day at school. one thing that was different though. that was the international agents coming to school. i was part of the business group. the teacher in charged of this group is my a/cing teacher, Mrs Furlong. she was presenting a talk about advertising, like what it is, some examples of the famous ads and that etc. it was done three times. one to each international agent group.

i thought it turned out well. she had really good presentation slides and info.
at the end of the session (lunch time), she gave out chocolate to the kids.

ehh, after lunch, i had a/cing. i got my mark back in a/cing. yay! i got an A+ in my Accounts Control. well i think nearly everyone got an A in the class.

i had english after a/cing. my class were revising over short story structures and language styles.

i had maths A last lesson. my class got the results for the diagnostic test back. i got an A, 92%. not a bad result for not revising during the wkend. the teacher was giving the solutions for the exam on the board. after that, we just did more probability work.

that`s about it for the day.
pretty boring, huh?

well i`ll write more sometime.
until then,
tc <3

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


yay! i`m finally 17.

thanks to everyone who said happy birthday to me today (&& yesterday) :)

specials thanks to my two sisters, cous tamskiees, thanh and emily for their nice gifts today

thank you lanskiees for your nice gift given to me earlier.

ahaha, apart from that, LOL @ my Maths B teacher for the funny comment
"Your youthful looks has not depart from you yet..."

ahh, damn it, i still have IPT assignment to do 'coz it`s due tomorrow :(

yehh, i guess that`s about it for today.