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Friday, September 18, 2009

reporting 180909;;

YAY! last day of term 3 2009 =]
i`m just glad that holiday is coming.

well today, didn`t do much.
i was told by my maths B teacher the answer to the maths A MaPs question i was having trouble with. the teacher told me where my mistake was in the exam.
apart from that, took photos with eda && emily =]
&& also getting some of our exam results back.

well with my exam results, here`s the following:
Maths A
- KaPs hasn`t finish been marked yet
- MaPs (from Question 1 - 4) S5, S3, S5, S5
- Spreadsheet: A

yehh, i was pretty happy with my results =]

at the end of the day, i decided to take a lift from a friend.
LOL, he was speeding most of the time, but luckily there were no police around.

well that`s about it for the day.
awww, i still have vietnamese essays to type up and IPT major project to work on for the holiday :(

oh well, i`ll hopefully blogg more on the holidays.

until then
tc <3

Thursday, September 17, 2009

reporting 170909;;

YAY! last day of assessment term 3 2009 =]
ahhh, just ONE more term left of this year.

argh, i haven`t been blogging for AGES!
well maybe not that ages.
this week of term 3 was pretty hectic,
but we finally made through it =]

i`ll just outline the exams i had this week:

Monday - Accounting, Maths A KaPs
Tuesday - BCT spreadsheets
Wednesday - Maths A MaPs
Thursday - Accounting

well, alright, maybe not has hectic as yours.

gahh, what else is there to say?
oh yeh, i finally received my IPT exam result back.
not sure if it`s a good thing or a bad thing, but i passed with a C =]
although a C may not be a great grade, but i`m just happy that i passed for IPT. i`m glad my dad doesn`t mind much about my grade for IPT atm.

on the bright side, i received my first part of Accounting exam result back.
If you did not guess why it was a bright side, well i got an A+.
i`m really hoping to get that Subject Award for Accounting this year (and hopefully next year too).

holiday is coming soon, YAY!
i guess i`ll blogg more on the holidays.
until then,

tC <3 KayOhh