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Thursday, April 30, 2009

reporting 300409;;

omg, last day of April! of 2009 that is.

ugh, wat a crappy day, first forgot my btc folder then got told to that bitch having an attitude problem again.

i`ll just give a short story about it.

this morning, realised that i 4got my btc folder that had all my worksheet in it. btc teacher told me off for it. later on, i tried tying my hair up, emily was just being nice telling me that i had some hair sticking out, btc teacher stared @ me and emily then told us that it was not a make up and hair time and said don`t see why i had to tie it up since i look fine with it. wth, i was just trying to tie it up 'cause it was getting a bit hot @ my neck. later on, i got told for making notes on emily`s sheet. emily didn`t mind coz i`m kinda doing her work there.

hmm fast forwarding to a/cing class. that bitch (i won`t disclose her name) freaking took our group`s seat, she`s so not gonna look forward having a good time @ school. i recommend her to go back to where she came from. hmmm we learnt about statement of financial performance today. did it in the treble cash book.

well yeh, that`s about it for today. wow, it didn`t seem much as i thought. oh well.

tc <3

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Q1, where is Q1?

okkies, LOL. why the heck did i name my title that?
well, i`d like to report and funny incident that happened in my Maths A class yesterday.

during maths A class yesterday, we were learning about Measures of Spread (Dispersion). In that, we learnt three things, Range, Interquartile Range and Standard Deviation. i`m just gonna talk about the time when we were learning about Interquartile Range.

When teacher was teaching about Interquartile Range, she asked where Q1 was. Blake (some dude from the VI unit - probably has ADHD) replied, "i know where Q1 is, i know where Q1 is. she`s the chick sitting on the other side of the classroom!" he was refering Q1 to me. everybody started to laugh (including me), but i wasn`t really sure wat the teacher`s reaction was. anywho. he kept saying Q1 was me, even outside class. wat do u expect from a ADHD guy?

well, i guess that`s wat i wanted to report. xD

tc <3

Friday, April 17, 2009

Yay! I got my Learners =]

hehe. well i`ll just outline how i got my learners today...

7:23 - woke up and got ready for the learners test

8:15 - left home to go to Qld Transport Department to do the test

8:30-ish - arrived @ Qld Transport Department. went into the wrong room, got out and went nxt door to the Learner`s test.

okay, arrived nxt door. lady who served us sounded like a *beep*.
told us we needed to fill in this whole crap, like the yellow form, medicare card, and this other form to be filled in. had to go back home and get witnessed signature by the doctor.
so frustrating :@

8:51 - arrived home, got out some other document, hoping it would be useful for the proof of identity for the test. filled out a part of the form.

9:10 - arrived @ doctor`s place. waited for a few min b4 i could go into the doctor`s room where all the check-ups are done. gave the doctor some of the forms that i`ve filled and dad told him that i needed a doctor to witness me signing my signature. so he did. that part of the form is now finished.

9:30 - left the doctor`s place and headed back to the Qld Transport Department.

9:50 - arrived to the Qld Transport Department. ugh, had to wait in the line. @ about 10:00, this time, we were served by a man. had to go through a lot of crap again. dad was so pissed off that he swore. ugh, i swear those ppl there pissed A LOT of ppl when they were going for their learners. after all that, i finally got to do the Learner`s test. it costed me $18.05 to do the Learner`s test. they gave me the laminated question sheets and the paper to answer on.

okkies, well i did the test. i probably did in in 5-10 minutes time (since i thought the questions they gave me were easy =D).

the line started to get longer and longer.
the girl who finished the test b4 me came up the that man who served me just then. he told her she has to go to the end of the line. so i just followed her to the back of the line. while going to end of the line, i saw my cousin, thanh. LOL. he was with his friend. i called him into the line && told him he needed all these requirement for proving is identity. 'Oh shit!' came out of his mouth since he didnt have enough evidence for the proof of identity. but then dad just told him to stay in the line and tried his luck.

okay, 20 minutes later... i came up to the desk again to give in the answer sheet that i filled out. this time it was the lady who served me early in the morning again. the answer sheet got marked and she handed back the result sheet to let me see my result. she told me i got all of it correct. Yay! 30/30. she then asked me if i had $68.40 to get my Learner License. i then asked my dad to pay for it. after paying that amount, i was given a Learner driver kit then had my photo taken for my Learners License. gosh, i look effink stoned. anywho, i was given the card when the license card got done. after that, i just went bak home (and of course my dad drove me).

ahaha, well i would also like to congrat my cousin, thanh, for also getting his Learners with a perfect score.

well to conclude this, i strongly advise you to do the following before you head off to the Qld Transport Department Centre.
i hope i didn`t miss anything out there...

you can fill out the yellow form @ the office, since you do not need a parent to sign it.

well i hope this helps =]

tc <3

Thursday, April 9, 2009

reporting 090409 (term 1 last day);;

yay! last day of term 1 2009.
it has been a long week, 11 terms.

caught the bus today (i usually go by car to school).
i paid for mathletics. ahaha, i`m gonna give it a try =D
my lessons today @ school were BCT, IPT, English and Accounting.

BCT - helped Kazumi and Madoka with their competency (since i finished all mine)
IPT - just finished of yesterday`s class work
English - watched AU show, Kath && Kim. felt so sleepy.
Accounting - got out accounting assignment result back. yay! i got an A+ =] full mark hehe. only me and thanh got full mark in this accounting assignment. that was my highlight of the day. teacher gave out easter eggs =] and we mucked around.

after school, bus missed my stop. oh well, i just bummed around @ tam`s house.
gah, got work today. i`m working wednesday, thursday && saturday. got no sunday shift this wk =[ probably bcoz Coles isn`t open on easter sunday.

well that`s about it.

tc <3

Monday, April 6, 2009

reporting 060409;;

yo. i`m gonna outline today`s highlight.

well today, yr 8 coordinator hosted an AM break Dance party for the year 8`s. so sad that not all came, bcoz it would`ve been fun for them (well i enjoyed it xD). ahaha, nearly all the mentors were there, but the ones that weren`t there were feeling sick. if i remembered what sort of dance we did today, we did the american latin dance. i thought it was hard to learn, but it was fun overall.

today`s school lesson were Accounting, English and Maths A.
oh yeh, and we had assembly in the morning.

in Accounting, were were playing Megabucks (i 4got the name already >.<)
oh well, no one really played the game even though i tried convincing them. they just let me won the game. LOL

hmmm, apart from that, on the way home, the bus driver missed my stop :(
i had to walk all the way from the main bus station home. well okay, maybe it isn`t as long as my other friend`s walk from her bus stop home. on the walk home, was it me or did i just saw one of the old dude that study @ the viet school i go to was going the bus stop. i mean the old dude was like ummm, more than 20 yo. usually the oldest dude studying @ viet skool would be like 17? well wtf.

umm, anyways, i guess that was about it for today.

tc <3

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


well i`m gonna report today`s day && a bit of yesterday night too. (idk if that even makes sense)

well yesterday night, i was looking @ my this term`s report card.
ugh, it was kinda crappy, i couldn`t believe i got a C for effort in maths B. damn, i really hate this Drew dude. i really want to go up and kick him in the shin so he can sit in a wheelchair. LOL, but then dwee made up a funny story about this dude && darlene. LMAO

okkies, well today, i sat my maths B exam.
gosh, i think i`ve screwed it up >.<

&& LOL @ Belinda, she got a detention slip from Ms Zhang for being in incorrect uniform. LMAO, the detention slip was fake. and darn, she didn`t fell for it :(

ahaha, chemistry tutorial was on today during SPP class.
i attended chem tutorial. the chem teacher called out the roll of people who does chemistry. my name wasn`t on the list bcoz i don`t do chemistry. OH CRAP! i had to go up to the teacher and told her i don`t do chem so that i can get my name written on the roll. thank god she was my last yr`s chem/physics teacher, so she knows me. she probably think i`m whack now =D

yeh, that`s about it for today.

tc <3