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Friday, April 16, 2010

Poems Poems Poems 160410;;

Hey there =]

For you Vietnamese poem lovers, here are some more poems KP has written some years ago.

KP, I apologise that I took a while to post these poems up.
I`m glad that i have finally did it. Please forgive me, KP.

Epic Poem
Bốn ngàn năm lập một sơn hà
Giết vạn quân thù tế quô'c gia
Trời đất thương nhau cùng vũ trụ
Anh em đoàn kết dựng quê nhà.
Máu xương còn chảy ơn còn báo,
Gươm giáo còn mài giặc chẳng tha!
Nam quốc muôn đời lưu sử sách
Giang sơn xã tắc mãi phồn hoa.

Cây xanh trước ngõ đã lên cao
Lá biếc chen nhau chắn lối vào,
Chim chóc tưng bừng về tổ ấm,
Cánh diều hiu quạnh nhớ trăng sao.
Hoàng hôn thay áo bên đồi vắng,
Sông nước trộm nhìn vẻ xuyến xao
Cành trúc nghiêng mình nghe gió hát
Tâm tình gợn sóng ngập hồn trao...

Heroic Poem
Nghĩ đến Trường Sa mắt lệ nhoà
Ông bà gầy dựng chứ ai cho?
Bao nhiêu xương máu và tâm huyết
Phù thế lụi tàn cảnh bụi tro...
Nguyễn Huệ thờ non thề giết giặc!
Đảng nhà thờ lũ tặc Trung Hoa
Non xanh, nước biếc còn đâu nữa?
Đám trẻ ôm nhau bật khóc oà...

Khói chiều nhè nhẹ mắt cay cay
Áo rách ngang vai dáng mẹ gầy
Nước mắt nhọc nhằn ai mấy hiểu
Chữ ơn chữ hiếu trả sao đầy...

I hope you have enjoyed reading these poems written KP. KP will be happy if you leave a comment.

Hopefully we`ll get to read more poems from KP soon.

until then,
tC <3

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Family Gathering 040410;;

today was a fine day.
woke up about 6:30am and got ready for the 7am church.

after church, went back home for last minute preparation for the beach.
head off to the beach at about 8am and got there @ app. 8:50am.
beach we went to was the Manly Beach in Wynnum.

purpose of going to the beach was a family gathering. my cousin from Melbourne and his family came up to Brisbane to visit the family.

my family was there first. second came my cousin from Melb. and his family and his dad. 3rd came the cousins from back door and my tam`s mum & dad.

my other cousins, tam, tuan, thanh, william and thang came later on.

i was on the beach trying to get some tan. but it didnt seem to work. i`m probably gonna get my skin peeled the day after. :(

fast forward...

well when i was @ the beach, my cous, sis and i was offered beers from a random man. we felt pretty awkward. my cousin, tam, declined the offer by saying "uhh, no, we don`t drink beers..."(in a unwelcome voice). the man asked if we were sure and we said yes. the man finally left and then we had a conversation amongst us saying that we should have ignored him.

later on, one of his mate came up to us and apologise that a friend of his offered us beers which made us uneasy.

ahhh, some time went pass. my cous' girls (the one from melbourne) were hanging out with me. one of the girl kinda "copied" me to be nice. i thought to myself "wow! i`m a role model to these kids? i`m amazed!"

well it was getting dark, so the family started to pack up and get ready to go home. we left the beach approximately 6:15pm. i got home @ approximately 6:50pm.

it was a fun day today. it`s nice to see my cous from Melb and his family. the kids were so cute.
i thought it was pretty sad that i couldn`t get a tan but a sunburn :(

well that`s about it for the day.
i guess i`ll post more interesting post(s) later on.

until then,
tc <3

Thursday, April 1, 2010

QCS immersion 2010 - 310310 && 010410;;

OMG, those two days were BORING! but quite educative too.
it was good that we got a taste of how the QCS test is going to be like for this year. it probably also help us to approach other questions in other subjects.

Might Minds Company ran this workshop for my school.
QCS immersion was ran in the Sports Centre for the two days.
Steven McCabe ran day 1 QCS immersion.
another person ran day 2 QCS immersion.
they went over the 3 types of test that were gonna be done in QCS later in September.
those 3 types of test were: Writing Task, Short Response and Multiple Choice.

day 1 was Writing Task. they gave us a chance to do the writing task and get a 4-page report feedback on it. the concept that we got to practice was "Circle".

day 2 was Short Response. my gosh i found it hard >.<
they also went over multiple choice questions and how to approach to it.
at the end of the day, we had 5-10 minutes of school left. the school principal said he'll "be the good guy and let everyone out early". people started to clap and left the Sport Centre.

overall, i did terrible for the QCS practice set.
i hope i don`t pull my school averages down in the QCS test. ahhh

well i could go into details, but that would be too boring.

i hope i find something interesting to post on.

until then,
tc <3