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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

QCS Test DAY 1

Omg! Time has passed by so quick!

I've just done first day of QCS. man it was tiring.
Oh, if you don't know what QCS stands for, it stands for Queensland Core Skill
I`ll give a quick overview of what happened today...

Today, QCS test consisted of two exams, Written task and Multiple Choice I.

In the morning, the school chaplain organised a breakfast for the year 12s before the QCS test. We had to be there by 8:30am.

QCS test was pretty strict with the equipments we bring into the room. Any items that was not on QCS information sheet was confiscated.

Anyway, we did the Written task first, which was 2 hr 10 min (inc perusal). This year's concept was flight. I did a persuasive essay on it, and let me tell you that the work I've produced in that task was CRAP. I hope I could still get a C for it.

After that exam, the deputy principal (or was it the principal?) said to enjoy our break and that we could enjoy our subway and drink. I thought I heard that wrong, until I have walked out of the room, I saw people wearing the Salvation Army shirt giving out free Subways. Okay, I guess I've heard it right, "free subway". Ahaha, I think there was five flavours to choose from: Ham, beef, turkey, salami and vege. well I chose the turkey and the others chose whatever.

During our break, I was sitting with Xtiee, Lan, Tina, TeeJay and Sushi. We were talking how we did in the test. Later on, we just went up to the RC and mucked up there. Xtiee, Lan and me also took photos during the break.

By 12:15pm, every year 12 that was doing the QCS came back and waited outside the room. This time, we had to do the Multiple Choice. The exam was 1 hr 40 min (inc perusal). Damn! those questions were quite hard *sigh*. I just guessed most of them.

By 2:30'ish, the MC I exam was over. We left soon after they dismissed us.

20 minutes later...
Down at the student pickup area, I saw a bunch of year 12 guys talking about the MC I exam. I joined in and one of the guy who sat beside me in the exam room told me that he saw my answers on the exam paper. I thought it was funny because i couldn't see his exam paper. Oh well. We talked about how we stuffed up the QCS test and probably get D's.

Yeah, well that`s it about QCS test for now.
Hopefully I can write another post on the second day of QCS tomororow.

Until then,
tC <3