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Friday, November 19, 2010

Year 12 Graduation - 191110;;

OMG! I never thought this day would come.
Well it did now.

Let me do a quick recap of what happened today.

Arrived to school at around 8:40am. Oh god, we're meant to be there at 8:30am on the oval. HSG teachers were checking who was here or not for graduation.

We made our way into CPAC (where the graduation ceremony was held) at around 9am.

Graduation ended at 10:30am. We took photos after the graduation ceremony. Thanh also presented me a graduation gift. It was nice that Ben came to the yr 12 graduation. He said he had to come 'coz Tim came to his so he had to come to Tim's graduation.

Around 11:45am, TeeJay, Sushi and I left school to TeeJay's house to get ready for the graduation dinner @ Hotel Richlands.

We arrived at Hotel Richlands at around 12:30pm and purchased a meal there. It was a buffet and it was pretty good. This is probably the last time we would see some of our yr 12s there. I also saw my friend, John, there. I haven`t seen him for ages! We also took photos there.

Buffet closed at around 2pm, so most people left by then. By then, TeeJay, Tina, Sushi, Phuc, Esmond and I were still there.

Tim Nicholls left 1/2 hr later. Phuc and Esmond left a little bit later than Tim.
I left at around 2:40pm, leaving Tina, TeeJay and Sushi behind.

Well that`s about it for graduation.

Until then,
tC <3

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Formal && Mystery Tour - 171110 / 181110;;

Formal && Mystery Tour was great!
However, Mystery Tour was not as great as I expected.

Alright, start with formal.
I left home at around 8:35am to Tina's place. Because Tina wasn't there until 10am, I went to xtie's place. I thought I came to xtie's place a bit too early so i decided to stand outside their door quietly. Suddenly, Leon opened the door and was shocked when he saw me. He opened the door for me and let me in. At that time, xtie was sleeping so Leon woke her up. Oh god! I feel so bad to wake her up from her sleep. We had a small discussion about the formal before I left off to Tina's place.

After that, I made my way to Tina's place. This cute little dog ran up to the door and looked at me. Surprisingly, she did not bark. Sometime later, Tina came. We left our stuff in the house and then left to Mt Ommaney to drop Tahnee off. We later came back to the house.

When we got back, we unpacked our formal gowns, shoes and other stuff. Tina started to do her hair. I just sat and annoyed her.

At around 12:20pm, her awesome cousin, Mel, came (as this was her house). Tina's nanna also came. We just prepared for the formal (doing our hair, makeup and putting on our gowns and shoes). Putting on Tina's dress was a pain because of all the laces and that were hard to put in. It required THREE people to help her put her dress on.

At around 4:00pm we started taking photos and that.

We left the place at around 5:20pm to Liss' place. There were other people there with their parents. They took group photos and yeah.

We hopped into the limousine at around 5:40pm as the limousine depart liss' place at 5:45pm sharp.

We did a few silly things in the limousine. One time, we were waving at random people and pointing at them. We also took pictures of the accident on Milton Rd.

Candice felt sick during the limo ride as she was sitting backward to the direction the limo was driving. I decided to swap seat with her when she requested a seat swap.

We arrived to Royal on the Park at around 6:30pm. Damn, i was so nervous as I thought I could trip while getting out of the car. Anyway, I got out of the car fine. Mrs Furlong took pictures of us (the peeps in the car) as a group.

I got to admit, some of the students came to the formal it pretty cool vehicles.

We made our way into the place after that. We took photos and the formal dinner started at around 7pm. We took photos and dance there.

At around 10pm, we left the dinner room for Lizz's mum to pick us up. There was four of us, Tina, Lizz, Melissa and me. She didn`t come until 10:30pm. We were quite worried that we wouldn't make it to mystery tour on time.

We got back to Lizz's place at around 11:00pm and rushed to get all our formal dresses off. I helped Tina and Lizz to get their dress off as their dress were the ones with ribbons and that attached at the back.

Lalala. We got back to school for mystery tour. Lucky we didn`t miss out. There were other people getting to school after us.

Deciding which bus to go on was a pain as people were deciding either bus 1 or 2. Eventually I went on bus 2.

The tree places we went to were ice-skating, infinity (i think, somewhere in GC) and Dreamworld.

Iceskating was fun. I still can't skate properly though. Belinda, Clement, me and Tina joined up one time. The other time was Piers, Timothy and me joined up to skate.
They had a game of red rover and one guy got injured. According to some friend, he he had a cheekbone fractured and a scrape on his face.

Infinity was crazy! Damn, that made me wide awake after entering the rooms. Tina accidentally elbowed me in the eye as we were all getting freaked out. Some idiots were making loud noises which ruined the fun. Check it out here: http://www.infinitygc.com.au/

We had breakfast after Infinity at the beach. Thank you to Mr Pitt and Mr Holmes for waking up so early and setting it up. We head down to the beach afterward.

Finally, Dreamworld. Unfortunately, we only had access to 3 rides :( The other school had better rides. The only ride i went on there was Cyclone, a roller coaster. I went on there 4 times and wanted to go on more. Unfortunately, we were out of time by then. Duy thought i was crazy for wanting to go on the Cyclone ride again (after 25 hrs of no sleep).

We left Dreamworld at around 8am. We arrived to school at around 9am.
After that, I was picked up Tina`s nanna and arrived at Lizz's house to collect our stuff and went home.

On the way back to my place, I didn`t know my left and right. I told Tina's nanna to go right instead of left. I feel so bad. I eventually got home. I showered and then just slept after that.

Before going to sleep, i received a call from Woolworths saying that I got accepted and to collect my induction kit from where I am to work. I was also told when and where the induction is going to be held. So excited upon my new job for the holidays.

That`s about it for Formal and Mystery Tour.
I`ll write more on graduation tomorrow.

Until then,
tC <3

Sunday, November 7, 2010

BSB113 Final Exam - 061110;;

OMG! My BSB113 final exam started @ 8:30 on a SATURDAY MORNING. :@
I had to get up early and get ready for the exam.

I was in the room M303 @ GP campus.
I screwed up my Economics final exam :(
Man, i didn`t even finished it.

Well I hope i do pass economics overall so I can get a guaranteed spot @ QUT.

After the exam, I hang out with my bro until his exam started.

We went walking around the city and came back to QUT at around 12 midday so he could do his studies. However, his friend didn`t come, so we just sat in the Media Lounge room in V block until 1pm.

After that, him and his friends met up and went to the exam room. They talked about silly things. It was funny to hear how they did things back in Corinda SHS. Yeah..

At around 1:30pm, they left into the exam room and I left off to the train station.

When I hopped on to the train, I heard an announcement saying that they won't be stopping stations between Corinda and Rosewood because of some fixing. Few buses have been organised to bring people to those destinations between Corinda and Rosewood.

Lalala, I had to transfer when I got to Corinda. I got home at around 3.

That was it for the day.
I had fun spending time with my bro.
Thanks for putting up with me, bro.

Well until then,
tC <3

Friday, November 5, 2010

DAY 2 BLOCK EXAM - 051110;;

OMG! Maths B today. gahhh.

Maths B exam went from 9:00 - 11:30AM.
It covered probability and optimisation.
Holy Crap! It was hard. I couldn't even do some of the KaPs questions. FML.
There were 3 MaPs questions. I didn`t even bother doing question 2 properly.

At the end of the exam, when we walked out of the GS block and discussed the answers we had in the exam. One of the guy made me think I was wrong in the exam, so I screamed "F*CK!" out loud. My Maths B teacher heard it and asked, "What did you just say?" I was like "ohh, umm disregard what I have said..."

After that, I just went to the library and prepared for the SRDs for the rest of the school day. I was so doomed, the graphs didn't turn out the way it was suppose to so I did the rest at home.

Gahh, I'll write another one tomorrow about my economics exam tomorrow.

Until then,
tC <3

Thursday, November 4, 2010

DAY 1 BLOCK EXAM - 041110;;

OMG! what a day!
Today was a rainy day. The sky was so dull and things just seem to dreary. I should have expected for the worse today.

I had Maths A exam today. It went from 9:00 to 11:00 am. Topics assessed were "Managing Money". That exam was alright, I wouldn't call it easy because I was uncertain with some of the question.

After that, I left to the bus stop. I saw Junior there and just talked with him. The bus came later than usual. Anyway, got on the bus.

Arrived to Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre and waited for the next bus.

20 minutes later... My bus arrived and i hopped on.
Half way through walking home from the bus stop I got off, i realised i left my key in the house. grrr.

When I got home, I knocked on the door and realised that no one was at home.
I had to wait for 2.5 hours outside the house. I was shivering because it was so cold and rainy. What a way to make my day....

Man, I hope don't ever wait outside of my own house ever again, especially on a rainy day.

Got another exam tomorrow. Maths B. gahhh.
I think I`m going to stay @ school tomorrow and finish off my SRDs for the exam day after.

Until then,
tC <3

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

(Not officially) last day of year 12 - 031110;;

OMG! Today is the last day for year 12 to do any work.
Lemme quickly go through what happened today.

First up, Maths A.
Teacher summarised final bits for the exam tomorrow. OMG! Maths A exam tomorrow?! uh-oh! Anyway, not long after, we started to party. Lizz brought in party stuff and other students also bought in some food. It was so nice of Tina to make a cake and bring it in <3. My teacher brought in bubbles and drinks and poured into those cool plastic cups. We all then toast when we got the cups. We blew bubbles after that. I didn't expect my teacher to bring in that much items in. She was the only teacher that actually brought in things that day.

AM break was next. I just did a bit of IPT and then went to the maths B class to decorate the room. I wrote a message to Linneman on the board saying: "Yo Linneman! You're the funniest teacher we ever had in high school in contrast to Mr Drew". After that, i went back to the IPT room to do a bit of IPT. The bell rang and i ran back to the room.

Maths B. We were waiting outside, pretending we were innocent about the mess in the room.When Linneman arrived, he was like "wow!". ahaha. Well, two girls did revision while the rest just did other stuff. Some played cards with Linneman. I just annoyed the two girls who was studying. I also went to my little sister's class to get her school login. I went back to my classroom and hassled the two girls again.

IPT was next. Robotics assignment due ==". I tried so hard to get everything done. Eventually i did. I finished the whole thing at 2:50ish. Fingers cross to pass this subject.

After that, I just walked with Tina, TeeJay and Sushi out of the BT block and part to the library while they walked down to the bus bay.

That was it for the day.

Maths A exam tomorrow.
Maths B the day after.
Economics on Saturday @ 8:30 in the morning. Why at that time? That`s the second time I had to sit an exam early at that time. grrr.

Until then,
tC <3

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Outing with Tina and Lizzie - 220910;;

It was a lovely day for an outing with my beautiful friends, Tina && Lizzie.

This was how the outing went:

I arrived to the city at around 10:36am. I made my way to HJ. I waited there for Tina and Lizzie.

At around 11:30am? (i can`t remember the time), they arrived. From there, we made our way to Broadway and looked at formal dresses. Those formal dresses look great! One problem, it was hard to find a dress that suits me. Anyways, we arrived to this shop and received assistance on the sort of dresses that would suit me. I tried on a few dresses, but I have to say, I love the long, navy blue dress the most. Unfortunately, I don`t have a photo of it :( While trying on dresses, Lizzie got persuaded to buy those tiara and earrings. And yes, she did end up buying it.

After that, we just went to the food court. Tina and Lizzie bought sushi and bubble tea. They thought that bubble tea tasted great. They said they had a mouth orgasm from drinking those bubble teas. ahaha.

At around 12:45pm, we made our way to QUT. As we arrived at QUT, they ate their sushi at the bench near B Block. Lizzie also met her old friend. They had a short conversation and then we made our way to the lecture room.

We arrived in the lecture room and listened to the lecture. Lizzie and Tina kept dropping their table-chair thing during the lecture. This week's lecture was Australian Labour market. The lecturer was trying to make things funny by talking about villains and heroine of the labour market. Listen to the lecture and you`ll find out who are our villains and heroine ;)

Ahh, when the lecture ended around 3pm, we made our way to our tutorial room. We were at the notices in the B block. After that, I just went in for tutorial. Revision of tax, lame. I still don`t even know what legal incidence and economic incidence of tax is. fml. Tutor was discussing about one of the exam Q. I really need to catch up. I didn`t even do research on obesity and fat tax. Seriously, who named the tax "fat tax"? It doesn't even sound appropriate, as one of the student said.

lalala... it went on...

At the end of the tutorial, I just walked out. Tina asked me about that little secret. I told her and Lizzie to look in and look for that person. Tina was like "Wow! (and said some other stuff afterward)" I just giggled. Lizzie said she prefer *that person* with longer hair. I`m like, "either way, *that person* looks great." Well that`s what they came for, to unravel my little secret.

We made our way to Queen Street Mall after that. I left to Central station after dropping them off @ Queen Street Mall.

That was it.
It was fun hanging out with them because they were such lovely people. <3

Well I`ll blog again sometime

Until then,
tC <3

Friday, September 17, 2010

LAST DAY OF TERM THREE 2010 - 170910;;

OMG! I thought I would never get to see that day.
Last day of term three, one more to go!

I`ll do a quick review of the day.

L1 - Maths B.
Teacher handed out term 3 assessment results back, as well as our overall grade as at 17/09/10. I got a B overall. After that, teacher asked ask to sketch our happiness on a pair of axis. Teacher then sketched his on the board and briefly explained his life story. I totally didn`t expect my teacher's life story to turn out like that. After that, I just played on my iphone and verse Mia in peggles on her iTouch.

Anyways bell ring for AM break. I just followed Mia up to the international office. Tina and Lizzie found me up there. :)

sometime later...

L2 - Maths A.
The teacher realised that we only had 5 students in the class. She marked the roll and let us go into GS06. I spent time taking photos with friends in that class. You can see them on facebook.

L3 - Accounting.
We had to disassemble and sort the robotic kits for the IPT students for next term. I can't believe I'm doing robotics next term, gahh. It was so boring. Tina, TJ and me took more photos and ate lollies :)

Bell rang for PM break. Kazumi made profiterole. OMG! those tasted great! ahaha. I just talked with the other peeps until L4.

L4 - BCT.
Turned up to class. Teacher marked the roll and let us go into any class we like. I went into my Maths B teacher's class. At that time, he had yr 12 Maths A. We just played cards. Thirteen to be exact. It was pretty fun. ahaha.

ehh, that was about it for the day. One more term to go. I can't wait.

Until then,
tC <3

Thursday, September 9, 2010

DAY 3 BLOCK EXAM - 090910;;

Today is my third day block exam. Fourth day of block exam for others.

I had BCT part B and Accounting Exams.

BCT Part B exam was done first. Part A is done next Monday. BCT Part B exam went from 9:10 to 10:25pm. We were given a case study and we had to write an essay on it. I think I screwed it up pretty badly. Anyway, I'm glad it`s done.

After that, I had break. We just talk and laughed. After that, I went with Tina and TeeJay up to BT Block to study for our Accounting. Not long after, we left the BT block and walked around. I then met up with Bo and Clement, who did their Maths C exam. We were talking about the Maths C exam, how they said it was so hard. Sam walked by and Bo asked how was the Maths C exam. Sam gave a "shoot the gun in the head" action to Bo and we all laughed, knowing that nearly all maths C students thought they've screwed up their exams.

Bell rang at 12:15pm and we all left to our own place. Clement and Bo went home while I went to my Accounting exam room early. Some time later, we sat our computers and used the exam logins. Teacher gave out exam papers to us. Our exam was to write a report analysing ratios and financial statements of a business. I think I've screwed up the exam. It went for around two hours. Man, I think I also screwed up that exam. We also have an oral presentation to develop over the weekends to present it next week. FML. I also have BCT Part A exam and IPT Implementation Phase due next monday. FML.

Gahh, it`s going to be a busy weekend. Well I'm probably going to start on it now.

Until then,
tC <3

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DAY 2 BLOCK EXAM - 070910;;

Day two of block exam. gahhhh.

I had Maths B exam today. It went from 9:00 to 11:30am.
When entering the exam room, we had to show that we've reset our graphics calculator. While resetting it, my Maths A teacher told me I did well in the Maths A exam (i`m not sure if she marked it all or not).

After that, I sat at the desk that had the exam paper on it. I knew I was going to be doomed by this exam paper.

When we got to do our exam, my Maths B teacher had to leave because he had a class. My IPT teacher supervised instead for the first 70 minutes of the lesson. After that, I think it was Mr Griffin supervising the exam.

Two hrs and a half later...
HOLY CRAP! The exam was hard! I couldn't come up with an answer for the last two MaPs question (which was worth a lot). I have a feeling that I've screwed up my KaPs.

After the exam, we had to put our exam paper to the designated box. My Maths A teacher asked me if the exam hard enough. I replied, "Yes, very hard."

Gahh, three more exams. I hope O can hang in there.
I got uni tomorrow. Hopefully I`m not brain dead for that.

Well until then,
tC <3

Monday, September 6, 2010

DAY 1 BLOCK EXAM - 060910;;

OMG! Time pass by so quick! We're 3/4 of the way there.

Today is the first day of block. I had two exams today, which were English and Maths A.
I`ll try to keep it brief. I'm disappointed that I didn't do too well as I expected to do.

First exam was English exam. It went from 9:00am to 11:00am. I had to write a featured article for it. Featured article was based on the book we've read in comparison to today's society. I did pretty crap overall on that.

After that, I just went to library and chatted with Mia about Maths B.

Around 12:20pm, I left the library to go to the GS block. On my way there, I've met Ashlea, Elise (sorry if I got your name wrong) and Toni. We were talking about braces, like how we had them. After getting to the GS block, we've met the other maths A students. We just talked a bit then left to our exam room.

I met Tina, TeeJay and Sushi in the GS hall way. We just talked a bit about Maths A and then stand outside our exam room. The maths A teacher arrived around 12:30pm. Exam started around 12:40pm because teachers were trying to sort core students to the designated desk. I didn't know some of the answers to the maths A exam, like those servers and that. This was the longest maths A exam I have done. I spent so much time in the KaPs and only left around 35 minutes for the MaPs exam. I was kinda out of time and just tried to fill in answers for every MaPs quesions.

Now you can see why I am disappointed in my performance in today's exams.
I hope I don't end up doing that in Maths B exam tomorrow or any other exams.

Well best of luck to people who have exams.

Until then,
tC <3

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

QCS Test DAY 2

Ahh. Another day of QCS.
I`m glad QCS is done.
I`m so disappointed that I have to miss out my Uni Lecture and Tutorial :(
Lizzy, you know why. :)

This time for QCS, we did Short Response and Multiple Choice II.

Short Response was in the AM session. We had 2 hr 10 min (inc perusal) to complete it. Unfortunately, I didn't not attempt all the questions :(

Well after that session, they gave out free Subway again. YAY! This time, I had Salami instead of turkey. We just mucked around until 12:20pm.

By 12:20pm, we had to be back at the door. This time we had Multiple Choice II exam. We had 1 hr 40 min (inc perusal). I thought it was easier than yesterday's MC I exam.

When time was up, exam paper was collected and we were instructed to bring the desk up to where it belong (the chairs and desk were taken from different block and set in the Sport Centre). The first two rows were from GS block. Students that were sitting there had to carry it back to there. Man, I feel their pain because it was ON THE OTHER SIDE OF the school. Lucky from the desk and chair I sat in, it was from MA block, which was only half the distance. It was still tiring to bring it up there. gahh.

Well after the exam, we just came back to the Sport Centre and chill until it was 3:05pm. Close to that time, the deputy principal dismissed us.

I guess that was the end of the whole QCS thing.
Boy, I'm glad that QCS is done. I honestly think the whole QCS thing is a waste of time. On the bright side, we got to miss out on the boring subjects we would have in those times.

Meh, well hopefully I can find something more interesting to write about.

Until then,
tC <3

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

QCS Test DAY 1

Omg! Time has passed by so quick!

I've just done first day of QCS. man it was tiring.
Oh, if you don't know what QCS stands for, it stands for Queensland Core Skill
I`ll give a quick overview of what happened today...

Today, QCS test consisted of two exams, Written task and Multiple Choice I.

In the morning, the school chaplain organised a breakfast for the year 12s before the QCS test. We had to be there by 8:30am.

QCS test was pretty strict with the equipments we bring into the room. Any items that was not on QCS information sheet was confiscated.

Anyway, we did the Written task first, which was 2 hr 10 min (inc perusal). This year's concept was flight. I did a persuasive essay on it, and let me tell you that the work I've produced in that task was CRAP. I hope I could still get a C for it.

After that exam, the deputy principal (or was it the principal?) said to enjoy our break and that we could enjoy our subway and drink. I thought I heard that wrong, until I have walked out of the room, I saw people wearing the Salvation Army shirt giving out free Subways. Okay, I guess I've heard it right, "free subway". Ahaha, I think there was five flavours to choose from: Ham, beef, turkey, salami and vege. well I chose the turkey and the others chose whatever.

During our break, I was sitting with Xtiee, Lan, Tina, TeeJay and Sushi. We were talking how we did in the test. Later on, we just went up to the RC and mucked up there. Xtiee, Lan and me also took photos during the break.

By 12:15pm, every year 12 that was doing the QCS came back and waited outside the room. This time, we had to do the Multiple Choice. The exam was 1 hr 40 min (inc perusal). Damn! those questions were quite hard *sigh*. I just guessed most of them.

By 2:30'ish, the MC I exam was over. We left soon after they dismissed us.

20 minutes later...
Down at the student pickup area, I saw a bunch of year 12 guys talking about the MC I exam. I joined in and one of the guy who sat beside me in the exam room told me that he saw my answers on the exam paper. I thought it was funny because i couldn't see his exam paper. Oh well. We talked about how we stuffed up the QCS test and probably get D's.

Yeah, well that`s it about QCS test for now.
Hopefully I can write another post on the second day of QCS tomororow.

Until then,
tC <3

Saturday, June 26, 2010

MUST HAVE Cydia Apps;;

List of my must have cydia apps

Theme customisations
  • Winterboard - allows theme customisation
  • iBlank - creates null app
  • Five Icon Dock - allows 5 icons in a dock (displayed @ bottom of screen)
  • Five-Column Springboard - 25 apps on on page. must have FiveRows
  • SpringJumps - Quickly jump into different SpringBoard pages
  • LiveClock - display animated clock on springboard
  • Carrier Logo Fixer or Fake Carrier - displays battery %, customise carrier logo name and time
  • Categories - sorts items into "folders"
  • Cycorder - allows iPhone 3G to video record
  • iBluetooth / iBlueNova - enables to transfer files via bluetooth
  • MxTube - YouTube video downloader and stores on phone
  • Installous - download apps.
  • Appsync for OS x.x - patches installed files
Other Utilities
  • OpenSSH - secure remote between machines
  • SBSettings - move common toggles directly into springboard
  • SBSettingstoggles - ""
  • MobileTerminal - access root of iPhone
  • Backgrounder - enable multitasking
  • Multifl0w - displays apps running in background. MUST use with Backgrounder.

Cydia Repo Link;;

list of the repo link i have on my iPhone:
  • http://apt.saurik.com/
  • http://www.sinfuliphonerepo.com
  • http://cydia.hackulo.us
  • http://apt.bigboss.us.com/repofiles/cydia/
  • http://ispaziorepository.com
  • http://hackyouriphone.org/repo/
  • http://HackStor.myrepospace.com/
  • http://app.ifonetec.com/cydia/
  • http://cake.mapleidea.com/cydia/
  • http://cydia.iclarified.com/
  • http://iaccess.com/apt
  • http://intelliborn.com/cydia
  • http://iphone.freecoder.org/apt/
  • http://iphone.hackndev.org/apt/
  • http://iphonestuff.ru/
  • http://ispaziorepo.com/cydia/apt/
  • http://jmiz9000.extroverthost.com/
  • http://modmyifone.com/repo/
  • http://nickplee.com/cydiasource/
  • Andy Dam - http://repo.gafoogle.com/
  • Ste - http://repo.smxy.org/cydia/apt/
  • Steffwiz - http://steffwiz.webs.com/iPhone/Repo
  • Urban Fanatics - http://urbanfanatics.com/cydia/
  • WeHo.ru - http://weho.ru/iphone/
  • Rich Creations - http://www.richcreations.com/iphone/apt/
  • ZodTTD - http://zodttd.com/repo/cydia/
  • iPhone Video Recorder - http://www.iphonevideorecorder.com
  • Weiphone Source - http://app.weiphone.com/cydia/
  • IPA Repo - http://iparepo.com

Friday, June 25, 2010

LAST DAY OF TERM TWO 2010 - 250610;;

OMG! finally, 1 semester down. 1 to go.
wow, yr 12 is passing by pretty quick.
i`ll try to make it short.

Friday`s Timetable; (in order of lessons)
Maths B - did a bit on natural log integration. while doing a bit of integration, teacher was fiddling with his pen. i looked @ him and he stopped. oops. some of the kids played cards with the teacher in the second half of the lesson.

AM break - played cards w/ dwee, kennie, bo && bel. i won and lost a few games. belinda lost the final game, which made her the AM Loser for the day.

Maths A - did tangram. learnt how to play rummy-o after that. it was a fun lesson.

QTAC talk - it took over a/cing lesson for today. one of qtac staff came to school to give a talk on how to apply qtac properly. received the qtac book.

PM Break - after QTAC talk, i saw my a/cing teacher. she gave me my persuasive essay speech back. WOW! she got the persuasive essay marked in less than one day! i got an A for it. hopefully i can do well in my next assessment piece(s) for a/cing.

BCT - did some word search in class. other kids were folding planes and throwing it around.

well that`s about it for the day.

until then
tC <3

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i can`t do long division :s

the sky was grey. the day just seem so dull.
anyways. i`ll try to keep this short.

well the title is a summary of what i`m gonna say.
i was in maths B class today. we did more integration work.

during the class, teacher put on youtube video of some "player cheating the soccer game" preview (w.e. it`s called). i was amazed how teacher have access to youtube while students doesn`t.

anyways, after watching that preview, the teacher decided to have a maths competition between two students. ali and athavan went up and competed against each other. i didn`t even notice who won the round.

after that, he decided to have a long division competition against me. i refused to go up there at first, but because my classmates pressured me into going up there to verse the teacher, i did. when i went up there, teacher said to me, "don`t beat me". LOL. i kinda panicked because i haven`t done long division in ages. it felt like i don`t even know how to do long division.
30 seconds later...
i saw the teacher standing there. well i gave up after seeing him finished with the long division. emily came up and did the rest of my long division. after that, it was found that my teacher did the long division incorrectly. some kid just came up and put a cross next to his answer. ahaha.

well that just ended the lesson.

that`s about it, i guess.
sounds boring aye?
my point was that i can`t do long division AND my MATHS teacher did long division incorrectly.

well that`s about it.

until then
tc <3

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CPR practice - 160610;;

ewww. CPR practice today :(

CPR Practice was done during the end of the block examination period. since i`m in Yallambee, my house does it after other houses.

Yallambee CPR Practice was at 11:05am to 12:15pm. all yr 12 Yallambee students gathered into HU06 and HU04 for this CPR presentation and practice.

i was really paranoid with using the same mask that other people used. the person i paired up to use the same manikin (NOT the same mask) was Josh Volkmann (some quiet, smart dude). it took me a while to get it right. i was so happy that the teacher said i could pack up.

man, i`m still paranoid about the mask not being cleaned properly.

gahh, i`m not putting this in a logical order.

well hopefully i have something better to say next time.

until then
tC <3

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DAY 2 BLOCK EXAM - 080610;;

i had Maths A exam today. it went from 9:00 to 11:00am.

i`ve just realised how strict they have been with the equipments you bring into the exam. you have to bring in a clear pencil case into the exam now from now on.

well about the maths A exam, the exam was short and easy. well it doesn't mean i`m gonna get everything right. i have a feeling that i`ve stuffed up some of the questions in the exam :(

at the end of the maths A exam, Maths HOD started to outline the instruction of QCS, "no wallets are to be permitted, no ipod earphones dangling out of you, etc" i looked down and saw my earphones dangling out. oops. i also had my wallet in my clear pencil case. another oops.

well after the exam, i went and wait outside the school ground to wait for my mum to pick me up. while waiting, i had a little chat with Kerri. well my car finally came.

well that`s about it for the day.

i shall report more on my maths B and Accounting tomorrow.

until then
tc <3

Monday, June 7, 2010

DAY 1 BLOCK EXAM - 070610;;

i had English exam today. english exam went from 9:00 to 12:00 noon.

for english, we had to watch a documentary and write an analytical essay on it.
we watched the documentary in CPAC. the documentary we watched for english was "Chocolate: The Bitter Truth". it was talking about child labour in producing those cocoa beans to make our chocolate. documentary went for around 50 min. we watched another first 15 minute of the documentary before we had to go to our allocated room to write the paper. the exam in total went for 3 hours.

i found it quite boring and hope that i would never do these sort of assessment again.

after the exam, my friends and i went to the library and did some "study". well we didnt really do any study. we folded rose and talked about the formal and that. we pretty much did that 'til 3:00pm.

well that`s pretty much for today.
i`ll blogg more on tomorrow`s block exam.

until then
tC <3

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

reporting 020610;;

ahhh. i can feel the cool breeze coming into me.
was it a sunny day? because i recalled seeing dull sky and light showers.
wednesday, 3rd day of school week.

(in order of lessons)

Maths A
Teacher came to class a bit late today. i`m assuming she poured hot water onto her hand as i could see a large bandage cover most of her hand (i don't exactly remember which hand it was). revised Venn diagrams.

bell rang for AM break. just ate lunch and and made whistling sounds with other friends in the library. reynald got annoyed by the whistling.

Maths B
LOL. teacher walked out of the class to get the "diagnostic test" paper. Athavan and Andrew carried the table, chairs and his item out into the GS hall. some kid from the younger grade stared @ them for doing that. the teacher came back into the class and started to talk about the maths revision to the class. it took him around 5-10 minutes to realise that his desk, chair and items went missing. when teacher realised that his items went missing, he said he hoped everything would "magically" appeared back to where it was while he is helping students with their maths problems. did more maths revision on exponentials.

before walking into IPT class, Ali and I randomly walked into the Maths B teacher's year 10 computing class. the teacher was wondering wth. 30 seconds later, Ali and I just walked out of the class into our IPT class. later in the lesson, Maths B teacher came looking for my IPT teacher while my IPT teacher was explaining how to normalise those Conceptual Schema diagrams. i saw a lump of the graphics calc in his pocket. Maths B teacher left for around 5 minutes and came back. He waited for the IPT teacher. while he was waiting, i asked if that was a calculator in his pocket. he pulled out the graphics calculator out of the pocket and my friends and me started to laugh. lalala. did more revision on IPT.

bell rang for PM break. just ate lunch and discussed about internet connections with TeeJay and others.

had a substitute because my SPP teacher wasn't here. did more boring stuff. i think i`m gonna stuff up the QCS test.

well that`s about it for school.

doing nothing interesting atm. got 4 exams in the block next week. got BSB110 exam this Saturday @ 8:30AM. damn, it`s on a SATURDAY MORNING.

well imma go a study now.

until then
tC <3

Friday, May 28, 2010

Is technology making us smarter?

Technology of the 21st Century has certainly become our best friend. We rely on them to dig up sources and complete tasks in so little time. Are we relying on them too much? Is it really making us smarter?

Well if you want to know if Technology in the 21st Century is making us smarter, this is the blog for you.

History of technology could be traced back 2.5 million years ago. It was not as advanced as today, but it certainly did help us human beings to create more advanced technologies throughout the ages. Technology is the “usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, and crafts, or is systems or methods of organisation, or is a material product (such as clothing) of these things.” (Wikipedia, 2010)

Let’s fast forward to the mid 1940s. There wasn’t a lot of technology around as today. Not even a pocket calculator. We probably see people using papers and pencils to do their simple maths calculations. If they needed to solve trigonometric and logarithmic problems, they would use the tables at the back of their maths textbook. Typing up documents would require a typewriter. Back then, people had to watch out when they are typing to prevent typos.

Now in the 21st Century, we have graphics calculator to sketch up our graphs and calculate simple arithmetic problems. More important, we have computers to allow us to word-process the document without having to care when making a typo. It is far more advanced comparing to the 1940s.

Speaking about computers, they are the technology of the 21st Century. You and I are using a computer to read the blog at the moment. You and I use search engine to get information from a mouse click or two. Not only you and I, but many people in our society do it too. No wonder why technology is so important to us.

Socially and ethically, there are always benefits and problems with technology impacting on our society. Let’s discuss the benefits and problems that technology has on our society.

Some of the benefits of technology impacting on society are:
  • Opening more career path in the IT industries. This will make other professions less competitive and encourage more advanced technologies to be created.

  • New automobile safety features - Technology also helps with the creation new automobile safety features such as tire-pressure monitoring, Blind-spot detection/side assist/collision warning. This would reduce the death toll on roads.

  • Open world of communications. This would allow them to connect to their family and friends via IM and make new friends from across the world through social networks. People can retrieve news from the other side of the world in a little time through internet. All students who took the survey claimed that they have emails for communication purposes.

  • In working environment, technology could be use to allow employees to access company’s network outside the office. For meetings across the world, they can use teleconferencing and video conferencing to reduce travelling costs.

  • In education and training purposes, teachers will be able to run lesson for students away from school. Trainers would be able to run training video for employees to complete tasks competently.

  • For medical purposes, doctors and nurses can get an insight of the human body while the operation. They could also utilise MRI to detect diseases and cancers developing. They could use also use an ultrasound system to examine babies in mothers’ womb.
These purposes of using technology would benefit the society.

Some of the problems that technology has created for us are:
  • Laziness – we spell things in MSN/SMS language. According to the survey for a small group of year 11 students, 70% of them use MSN/SMS language in their written assessments. Plagiarism is another big problem. Students have the tendency of copy & paste information from a site to their assignment. This is a problem as it will impact on their school grades. Plagiarism breaches the copyright laws.

  • Distraction – technology can also be a form of distraction as well as a useful tool. This could be done through entertainments such as games and IM. Students may text message other students during class. This will reduce their concentration on school work, thus falling behind in school.

  • Unfit People – people are staring into the computer screens all day and not going outside for exercise. This is a problem as unfit people are more prone to get chronic diseases. This means higher death rate.

  • Theft – technology such as a phone, laptop, etc can be expensive. They can get stolen if attentions are attracted.

  • Internet predators – paedophiles targeting children and teenagers. Some children and teenagers may disclose personal information that enables predator to stalk on them. Imagine a person you’ve met online and you have never really discussed about your personal information turns up outside your doorstep. That would be quite freaky. People who are being stalked on would feel unsafe. The internet predators can harm their victims.

  • Cyber bullying – there are people out there being harassed with messages from phones, messengers, etc. It is said that 9 out 10 middle school students have had their feelings hurt online. This can lead people to into depression and possible suicide.
These are problems that we are facing with technologies today.

Technologies are playing a big role in today’s education system. "To get an education in today's world, you need to be learning with today's technology." Australian Acting Prime Minister Julie Gillard says.

Nearly every school in Australia have computers. This has changed the way students learn and teachers teach. It allows students to study independently. Students with disabilities can complete tasks at the own pace. Students that have multiple learning difficulties can communicate more easily through ICT. Downside of technology is that students spend more time on computers and not read paper-based books to increase vocabulary.

Queensland Education Department have rolled out laptops to all Queensland teachers. It allows teachers to plan out class works quicker and teach students via computer. This would cut cost on printings and save trees. ICT allow teachers to communicate with others when working in remote areas. They can improve skills and have extensive knowledge on access of technology used by students. Teachers can access resources in electronic form and have them accessed by all the students using computers.

Australian Government has been funding more money on technologies in school each year. Funding A$1.1billion for computers in school as at 2008. This had really opened a new world of education to all students of the 21st Century.

The Government should implement a “Computer-free day” in schools where teachers and students could stop using computer for a day. This will let them actually walk around and interact with other people face-to-face. It can make people aware that we don’t really need to fully depend on computers to complete our own work/study.

I think we are relying on technology too much. It isn’t really making us smarter. It’s more like making us lazier. Do you even remember the last time when you went out to a library to borrow a book? Or using pen and paper to write letters to your pen pal (you probably don’t have a pen pal in the first place).

Look at how you use technologies now. Is technology making you smarter or lazier?

This was an assessment piece i had to complete for school in March, 2010. I understand there might be some grammatical and factual errors in my work. Plagiarising any part of this post may risk you from failure grades and possible legal action(s).
I will try to upload my list reference later on.

reporting 280510;;

a sunny day ending with some spitting.
yes, another boring post. anyone interested in my life, feel free read.
okay, i`m trying to keep it short.

First lesson had maths B.
did more revisions. the whole class really ended up talking about crazy things instead of doing maths revision. discussed wide range of topics, from friends to dissecting cane toads.

Second had maths A.
LOL, learnt straight line equation. that was so year 9 work. teacher was getting quite annoyed with the amount of talk in class. and darn, xtiee was away today :(

Third had Accounting.
Did more MYOB works. teacher was pointing out mistakes that students made in the class. learnt how to do a Balance Day Adjustment in GJ of MYOB.

Fourth had BCT.
BCT Part B assignment due in. i`m glad it`s done. did more "advanced" word processing. creating tables and inserting formulas to it.

okay, school doesn`t end there. i have a QUT lecture 13 to attend to.
so, my dad drove me to QUT GP after picking up my sis and dropping them @ home.

around 30 mins later... i`m @ QUT GP.

went and wait outside the lecture room. the lecture provided some afternoon snack. stepped into the room, grab some afternoon snack and chose my own lil spot. a girl from a different school came by and sat to a seat next to me. we've talked and exchanged detail at the end of lecture. yay! i just made a new friend @ QUT. can't wait til i get into uni full-time next year.

well @ the lecture, Ros Kent covered the items that were going to be in the exam. i`m so glad we don't really need to do everything covered from topic 7 to 12, example, bad debts and that etc.

end of lecture, came out to the gatehouse and waited for dad to pick me up.

well that`s about it for the day. i guess it was pretty boring to you guys, but it was a good day for me, since i made a new friend.

anyways, i hope i can write something more interesting next time.

until then,
tc <3

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

reporting 190510;;

sunny day with the cold weather.
i`m sick :(

well not like you guys care, but i`m gonna give a quick review of my day today. it wasn't like any wednesday. i got to miss out on SPP :)

school *sigh*

1st lesson - Maths A
more networkings. i hate networkings. well topic is called "networks". i finally learnt difference between Tree and Spanning Tree.

bell rang for AM break

2nd lesson - Maths B
revision. back to Pythagorean Identity/ies. surprised i that i remembered the 6 "rules" for it. or is it 7? teacher tried to join in the conversation between dwee, kennie and moi and looked @ how much work dwee did. he gave up when a student asked for help.

3rd lesson - IPT
more database *sigh* i can`t wait to drop out of that subject.

bell rang for PM break

i signed out at the office and waited for dad to pick me up to go to QUT.
*fast forward*
got to QUT. lecture time 3-6pm. i saw Rach there. we sat together in the lecture. lecture today covered topic 12 - analysis and interpretation of financial statements. lecture was pretty boring. there`s a lot to learn. i was amazed how they had breaks within lecture. well lecture was 3 hrs, so i guess students do expect breaks.

eh, well that was it for the day.

i`ll try to post something interesting next time.
until then,
tC <3

Thursday, May 13, 2010

reporting 130410;;

sunny day. cold the temperature was. i had BCT, IPT, English and Accounting today.

first up was BCT. i had a substitute today because my BCT teacher was feeling ill. worked more on our part B integrated assignment.

bell rang for AM Break.

second had IPT. did more work on database *sigh* ... theory work *double sigh*

third had English. listened to more protest speeches. everybody's speech was interesting. i like mel's speech, it`s quite funny. Erin's speech was very touching. i didn't want to do my speech after her, but had no choice to. i finally did my speech. it was under 7 min but still within the 10% margin. *phew*

final lesson was Accounting. did more MYOB work. i think i need to revise the notes again.

oh no! got BCT part B draft due tomorrow. better get going.
well that`s it for the day.

until then
tC <3

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

reporting 120510;;

just a normal day, except it was a cloudy day.

wednesday it is, the usual lessons of Maths A, Maths B, IPT and SPP.

i didn't do maths A. @ the beginning of the lesson, i felt something was not right. checked my book and realised that i didn't do my hw. lucky, we had a substitute that lesson, so i didn't have to do detention. LOL

bell rang for AM break.

maths B was the next lesson. learnt more integration on Sin(x). teacher wondered why i've switched graphics calc brand and when did i learn to use TI. i swapped my Casio Graphics with his TI Graphics Calc.

IPT was after maths B. did more database work *sighhh*

bell rang for PM break.

SPP was the last lesson for the day. yay... i left my SPP book @ home. did more maths.

well that`s about it for the day. i was just worrying about my english oral.

well imma blogg more tomorrow.

until then,
tC <3

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

reporting 040510;;

ahh, a rainy day today. the sky was dull.

anywho, it`s been an alright day, but i think my teacher is gonna break my neck 'coz i haven't hand it a proper english draft. :s

apart from that, it has been quite a busy day.

1st lesson had IPT. teacher was gone 'coz his wife was having a baby. awww.

after ipt lesson, went to my a/cing teacher's office to do the uni a/cing quiz. she wasn't there quite unfortunately. guess i have to do the quiz another day.

2nd lesson had English. as i said, teacher is probably gonna break my neck. handed in an incomplete draft of around 500 words. babble language. it's suppose to be a persuasive speech. eh.

3rd lesson had BCT. had to give an oral presentation. i thought my group went pretty bad, especially me. i was pretty much reading the script w/out giving much eye contacts to my audience. ahh. but i`m glad the oral is already done. well i still got part b to do. that would be the last of the integrating project for BCT.

4th and final lesson had Maths B. ahh, more differentiation on loge and e^x. arghh, i don`t get most of them :( hopefully i will get them sooner or later.

i guess that`s it for the day. overall, i thought it turned out quite crap.
i hope it would be a bit better at least.

until then,
tc <3

Friday, April 16, 2010

Poems Poems Poems 160410;;

Hey there =]

For you Vietnamese poem lovers, here are some more poems KP has written some years ago.

KP, I apologise that I took a while to post these poems up.
I`m glad that i have finally did it. Please forgive me, KP.

Epic Poem
Bốn ngàn năm lập một sơn hà
Giết vạn quân thù tế quô'c gia
Trời đất thương nhau cùng vũ trụ
Anh em đoàn kết dựng quê nhà.
Máu xương còn chảy ơn còn báo,
Gươm giáo còn mài giặc chẳng tha!
Nam quốc muôn đời lưu sử sách
Giang sơn xã tắc mãi phồn hoa.

Cây xanh trước ngõ đã lên cao
Lá biếc chen nhau chắn lối vào,
Chim chóc tưng bừng về tổ ấm,
Cánh diều hiu quạnh nhớ trăng sao.
Hoàng hôn thay áo bên đồi vắng,
Sông nước trộm nhìn vẻ xuyến xao
Cành trúc nghiêng mình nghe gió hát
Tâm tình gợn sóng ngập hồn trao...

Heroic Poem
Nghĩ đến Trường Sa mắt lệ nhoà
Ông bà gầy dựng chứ ai cho?
Bao nhiêu xương máu và tâm huyết
Phù thế lụi tàn cảnh bụi tro...
Nguyễn Huệ thờ non thề giết giặc!
Đảng nhà thờ lũ tặc Trung Hoa
Non xanh, nước biếc còn đâu nữa?
Đám trẻ ôm nhau bật khóc oà...

Khói chiều nhè nhẹ mắt cay cay
Áo rách ngang vai dáng mẹ gầy
Nước mắt nhọc nhằn ai mấy hiểu
Chữ ơn chữ hiếu trả sao đầy...

I hope you have enjoyed reading these poems written KP. KP will be happy if you leave a comment.

Hopefully we`ll get to read more poems from KP soon.

until then,
tC <3

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Family Gathering 040410;;

today was a fine day.
woke up about 6:30am and got ready for the 7am church.

after church, went back home for last minute preparation for the beach.
head off to the beach at about 8am and got there @ app. 8:50am.
beach we went to was the Manly Beach in Wynnum.

purpose of going to the beach was a family gathering. my cousin from Melbourne and his family came up to Brisbane to visit the family.

my family was there first. second came my cousin from Melb. and his family and his dad. 3rd came the cousins from back door and my tam`s mum & dad.

my other cousins, tam, tuan, thanh, william and thang came later on.

i was on the beach trying to get some tan. but it didnt seem to work. i`m probably gonna get my skin peeled the day after. :(

fast forward...

well when i was @ the beach, my cous, sis and i was offered beers from a random man. we felt pretty awkward. my cousin, tam, declined the offer by saying "uhh, no, we don`t drink beers..."(in a unwelcome voice). the man asked if we were sure and we said yes. the man finally left and then we had a conversation amongst us saying that we should have ignored him.

later on, one of his mate came up to us and apologise that a friend of his offered us beers which made us uneasy.

ahhh, some time went pass. my cous' girls (the one from melbourne) were hanging out with me. one of the girl kinda "copied" me to be nice. i thought to myself "wow! i`m a role model to these kids? i`m amazed!"

well it was getting dark, so the family started to pack up and get ready to go home. we left the beach approximately 6:15pm. i got home @ approximately 6:50pm.

it was a fun day today. it`s nice to see my cous from Melb and his family. the kids were so cute.
i thought it was pretty sad that i couldn`t get a tan but a sunburn :(

well that`s about it for the day.
i guess i`ll post more interesting post(s) later on.

until then,
tc <3

Thursday, April 1, 2010

QCS immersion 2010 - 310310 && 010410;;

OMG, those two days were BORING! but quite educative too.
it was good that we got a taste of how the QCS test is going to be like for this year. it probably also help us to approach other questions in other subjects.

Might Minds Company ran this workshop for my school.
QCS immersion was ran in the Sports Centre for the two days.
Steven McCabe ran day 1 QCS immersion.
another person ran day 2 QCS immersion.
they went over the 3 types of test that were gonna be done in QCS later in September.
those 3 types of test were: Writing Task, Short Response and Multiple Choice.

day 1 was Writing Task. they gave us a chance to do the writing task and get a 4-page report feedback on it. the concept that we got to practice was "Circle".

day 2 was Short Response. my gosh i found it hard >.<
they also went over multiple choice questions and how to approach to it.
at the end of the day, we had 5-10 minutes of school left. the school principal said he'll "be the good guy and let everyone out early". people started to clap and left the Sport Centre.

overall, i did terrible for the QCS practice set.
i hope i don`t pull my school averages down in the QCS test. ahhh

well i could go into details, but that would be too boring.

i hope i find something interesting to post on.

until then,
tc <3

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

reporting 301010;;

ahh, it`s nearly the end of term 1. only 2.5 terms to go before i walk out of that school gate.
i thought it was been hectic this term. But wait until term 2 and 3, it`s probably gonna be more hectic.

before reporting today`s day, i`ll just quickly talk about yesterday.

i know it`s so yesterday, but hey, there`s something that was out of the ordinary that day. i had to redo my maths A MaPs exam. it was annoying at first, but when i think about it, i was pretty happy because i probably did better in this one than the one i did last friday.

in total exams i have completed that day was THREE. 2 Maths A (MaPs and KaPs) and 1 Accounting (CPA).

i hope i did well for those piece of assessments.

during the Accounting exam, the teacher gave us chocolate. ahaha.

okay, today`s day was alright. sunny at first and cloudy by the afternoon.

i had IPT blog due first up. i thought it went pretty crap, because i had to do so much edits when i was going to post the entries up. also, the stupid printer won`t print out page 4 and 5 of the task sheet. then the teacher printed the whole task sheets. man, i think i wasted most of my printing credit on IPT for this term. arghh.
well no hopes for doing well in this piece of assessment, because i`ll probably get a C again. *sigh*

my BCT planning was due today too. Emily and I rescheduled some of the due dates of our project. BCT teacher gave out easter eggs.

ahh, last lesson was maths B.
we learnt the Pythagorean Identity. man, it was like a different language to me. ahaha. we also got our Maths B exam result back. i got a B overall. it wasn`t too bad. i can`t believe i erased the correct answer for Q3 MaPs. i`ll just pretend i didn`t get the right answer in the first place.

well it seemed like a boring day. i know u guys are thinking that.

i hope i do write something interesting in the near future.

until then,
tC <3

Monday, March 8, 2010

reporting 080310;;

ahh, it was a cloudy day. i don`t think it`s gonna be sunny much this month. March so far has been rainy and a little sunny. okay, well to the point of my day.

it was a normal day at school. one thing that was different though. that was the international agents coming to school. i was part of the business group. the teacher in charged of this group is my a/cing teacher, Mrs Furlong. she was presenting a talk about advertising, like what it is, some examples of the famous ads and that etc. it was done three times. one to each international agent group.

i thought it turned out well. she had really good presentation slides and info.
at the end of the session (lunch time), she gave out chocolate to the kids.

ehh, after lunch, i had a/cing. i got my mark back in a/cing. yay! i got an A+ in my Accounts Control. well i think nearly everyone got an A in the class.

i had english after a/cing. my class were revising over short story structures and language styles.

i had maths A last lesson. my class got the results for the diagnostic test back. i got an A, 92%. not a bad result for not revising during the wkend. the teacher was giving the solutions for the exam on the board. after that, we just did more probability work.

that`s about it for the day.
pretty boring, huh?

well i`ll write more sometime.
until then,
tc <3

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


yay! i`m finally 17.

thanks to everyone who said happy birthday to me today (&& yesterday) :)

specials thanks to my two sisters, cous tamskiees, thanh and emily for their nice gifts today

thank you lanskiees for your nice gift given to me earlier.

ahaha, apart from that, LOL @ my Maths B teacher for the funny comment
"Your youthful looks has not depart from you yet..."

ahh, damn it, i still have IPT assignment to do 'coz it`s due tomorrow :(

yehh, i guess that`s about it for today.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BSB110 lecture - 160210;;

it was a rainy day today.
there was thunder. it striked the tree next to admin down.

apart from that, just wanna do a short report on attending the BSB110 lecture at QUT GP campus. just in case you`re wondering what BSB110 is, BSB110 is the foundation Accounting course you take in QUT.

getting to QUT GP from school was a pain as there were traffics everywhere.
after getting to QUT, people who hasn't obtained the ID card had to get it done. lucky i've got my ID card earlier from QUT START.
the uni lecture provided afternoon tea. the provided freebies, chocolate, packet of shapes and popper juice.
before the lecture, the uni provided students with study material topics 1-6, assignment sheets and mid-semester exam revision sheet.
lecture started at app 4pm. Ros Kent (program coordinator/lecturer) explained when the mid-semester exam was going to happen and the Accounting Practice Set. Mid-Semester exam is on Fri 12th March 2010. Accounting Practice Set is due in wk beginning 26th April 2010. after that, lecturer covered today`s topic was on Introduction to GST and use of Special Journals. damn, she whizzed it over quite fast, though the lecture did go over time. lecture ended at app 5:35pm. came down to the Gatehouse. waited there for 1/2 hr 'til my car came. got home @ app 6:35pm.

that`s it for the BSB110 lecture.
seems kinda boring, aye?

well enjoy your day.
until then,
tc <3

Monday, February 1, 2010

School Jersey '10 - 010210;;

today, the yr 12 received their school jersey which they ordered at then end of last year. it was pretty exciting when we finally get our jersey. the jersey wasn`t as great as we thought, but it was still pretty good since we`re the only year level that gets to wear a school jersey that was different to the school jumpers.

on my jersey, i had "KayOhh" written @ the back of it. there were others with really good names written on their jersey.

well that`s about it.
well i`ll blogg whenever. until then.
tc <3

Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Day of Year 12 - 280110;;

ahh, new year = new school year
omg, i`m finally seeing this day, first day of yr 12. LOL

well it seem like a pretty normal day.
first lesson had the yr 12 assembly, school assembly and hsg.
in hsg, we received our diary and timetable for school.
timetable was the same as last yr, except we`re in yr 12.

school bell rang for AM break.
did the usual and shared out VN souvenirs to friends.

bell rang for 2nd lesson. had IPT class.
changed login password and filled out agreement form.
learnt a bit about school network system, etc.

bell rang for 3rd lesson. had english class.
teacher went over the Year Overview and the topic we`re learning.
review over alliteration, metaphors, similes, onomatopoeia... for poems.

bell rang for PM break.
did the usual stuff.

bell rang for 4th lesson. had Accounting class.
received our portfolio sheet. not the top of a/cing class anymore. top student of class goes to TC. ahaha, neck to neck with idk how many A+ and 2 A's. however, recent marks affect it, therefore top student now is TC.
apart from that, we did more learning on accounts payable, accounts receivable and internal controls. we also did a bit of review on cash, inventories and internal.

well that`s about it for the day.

i`ll blogg more whenever.
until then,
tc <3

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rubik's Cube Solver

after messing up with the Rubik's Cube given by the QUT Business Faculty from yesterday, i could not solve the Rubik's Cube back to its original form. being through that, i googled up a Rubik's Cube Solver. amazing enough, there was a few sites that helps you to solve the Rubik's Cube by giving you the instructions and diagrams to solve it.

one of the site that i came across and found it useful was this site:

in order for the Rubik's Cube Solver to solve your Rubik's Cube Problem, you input the six colours of your Rubik's Cube in the Cube layout given. if your Rubik's Cube is in other colours than the six colours there, you can change it by going through "Advance" > "Custom Colors". okay, pretty self-explanatory.

i was pretty surprised how people can up with this sort of program.
i hope this article would help people out there that's having problems with solving their Rubik's Cube.

well i`ll probably blogg later,
until then,
tC <3

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


haven`t blogged in ages!
didn`t do much on the holidays, except for the traditional buying new items for school.
well i decided to do a quick report on the QUT START today.

first of all, why did i get involved with this QUT START program?
well, i wanted to try what those university subjects were like, so i tried applying as a Visiting Student at QUT. my application got approved and allowed me to confirm my enrolment. that`s how i got involved in the QUT START program.

before QUT, met up with Rachel from A/cing class. we talked about our holidays before entering the QUT START intro.

QUT START today started with an intro of some of the services available on QUT GP campus. after the intro, alias on officer called back the a/cing in high school peeps (that included me). she called us back to say that we're not required to attend the QUT START, but we're welcome to attend anyway. well since i`m here at QUT, why not just participate in it?

after that, it was just morning tea. met a dude from Gold Coast. i was surprised how some people would go that far from home to uni (while being in yr 12) every week for uni lectures and tutorials. sometime after, we were splitted into groups by the coloured stars we have on our name tag. i was in the pink/red star group. the group supervisor was named Richard.

having been split into groups, my group went around to other places on campus. some random lady giving a speech about her balancing uni and school back in her 12th grade. met some random peeps that were studying the same subjects in the same semester.

later on, got photo taken for QUT ID card. after that, met other random peeps.

sometime later, the group was escorted to the library. holy crap, the library there is HUGE! there were few levels of books being stored on shelves.

lunch time at 1:15pm

getting to know your faculty was at 2:05pm.

just after 3pm, it was home time.
went to the gatehouse and waited a while 'til my dad picked me up.
on the way home, some dude smashed the back bit of the car. we thought he ran away, but really, he parked somewhere and came to my dad to sort the problems out. they finally came out with a conclusion on how it would solve out.

got home at about 4:15pm.
that was it for QUT START. i can't exactly remember what time i did all those activities above.

well i`ll try to blogg more sometime.
until then,
tc <3

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year =]