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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BSB110 lecture - 160210;;

it was a rainy day today.
there was thunder. it striked the tree next to admin down.

apart from that, just wanna do a short report on attending the BSB110 lecture at QUT GP campus. just in case you`re wondering what BSB110 is, BSB110 is the foundation Accounting course you take in QUT.

getting to QUT GP from school was a pain as there were traffics everywhere.
after getting to QUT, people who hasn't obtained the ID card had to get it done. lucky i've got my ID card earlier from QUT START.
the uni lecture provided afternoon tea. the provided freebies, chocolate, packet of shapes and popper juice.
before the lecture, the uni provided students with study material topics 1-6, assignment sheets and mid-semester exam revision sheet.
lecture started at app 4pm. Ros Kent (program coordinator/lecturer) explained when the mid-semester exam was going to happen and the Accounting Practice Set. Mid-Semester exam is on Fri 12th March 2010. Accounting Practice Set is due in wk beginning 26th April 2010. after that, lecturer covered today`s topic was on Introduction to GST and use of Special Journals. damn, she whizzed it over quite fast, though the lecture did go over time. lecture ended at app 5:35pm. came down to the Gatehouse. waited there for 1/2 hr 'til my car came. got home @ app 6:35pm.

that`s it for the BSB110 lecture.
seems kinda boring, aye?

well enjoy your day.
until then,
tc <3

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