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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

reporting 301010;;

ahh, it`s nearly the end of term 1. only 2.5 terms to go before i walk out of that school gate.
i thought it was been hectic this term. But wait until term 2 and 3, it`s probably gonna be more hectic.

before reporting today`s day, i`ll just quickly talk about yesterday.

i know it`s so yesterday, but hey, there`s something that was out of the ordinary that day. i had to redo my maths A MaPs exam. it was annoying at first, but when i think about it, i was pretty happy because i probably did better in this one than the one i did last friday.

in total exams i have completed that day was THREE. 2 Maths A (MaPs and KaPs) and 1 Accounting (CPA).

i hope i did well for those piece of assessments.

during the Accounting exam, the teacher gave us chocolate. ahaha.

okay, today`s day was alright. sunny at first and cloudy by the afternoon.

i had IPT blog due first up. i thought it went pretty crap, because i had to do so much edits when i was going to post the entries up. also, the stupid printer won`t print out page 4 and 5 of the task sheet. then the teacher printed the whole task sheets. man, i think i wasted most of my printing credit on IPT for this term. arghh.
well no hopes for doing well in this piece of assessment, because i`ll probably get a C again. *sigh*

my BCT planning was due today too. Emily and I rescheduled some of the due dates of our project. BCT teacher gave out easter eggs.

ahh, last lesson was maths B.
we learnt the Pythagorean Identity. man, it was like a different language to me. ahaha. we also got our Maths B exam result back. i got a B overall. it wasn`t too bad. i can`t believe i erased the correct answer for Q3 MaPs. i`ll just pretend i didn`t get the right answer in the first place.

well it seemed like a boring day. i know u guys are thinking that.

i hope i do write something interesting in the near future.

until then,
tC <3

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