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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Renaming music files just got easier :)

Greetings everyone :)

Have you ever tried sitting down and renaming your music or song files one by one? Or perhaps trying to reorganise your song files?

Well look no further, I think I have the solution for you.

All you need are these two softwares to make renaming music files and organising your music folder much easier. Both of these software are freeware, which means they are free of charge for personal use (and maybe commercial, if it is stated on the site).

Renaming music file:

Structuring song folders:

There you have it. I hope this helps any perfectionist in renaming and/or reorganising their song files.

If there`s anything you want to say, feel free to post a comment. I won`t bite =D

Until then, 

1 comment:

Perfectionist said...

OMG I'm one of those people who spends hours renaming their songs. This has definitely saved me heaps of time.
Thank you soooo much for this.