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Friday, December 28, 2012

Other Ways To Use Perfume

Got perfume/s that you think you won't use by the expiration date (or even past it)?
Here are some of the ways to use the perfume that you might have not ever imagined:

  1. A substitute to pepper spray (saves you carrying around pepper spray)
  2. Substitute to Nail polish removal (EDT is better in this instance due to the higher alcohol content)
  3. Room / Linen / Stationery spray
  4. Potpourri spray
  5. Scent your wardrobe
  6. DIY reed diffuser
  7. DIY car freshener
  8. Add perfume to body lotion (not recommended for sensitive skin, eczema, or people who breaks out easily)
  9. Hair mist (to add scent to your hair. Best done hair is damp.)
There you have it. If you got any other suggestion, comment below.

Hope that helps. Until then, take care.

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