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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Hobbit-Hole

LOL, I wrote this poem for English homework during my first term of year 9. The English teacher read out some of the passages that were from the book "The Hobbit" and told us to write a 10-line poem about it, so I did.

The Hobbit-hole
There was a hobbit-hole in the ground,
Where the hobbit lives safe and sound.
The hole wasn't nasty, dirty or wet,
Nor it was dry, sandy or fret.
A perfect, round, green door,
Which bring them peace and no war.
In the middle there was a shiny knob,
Cleaning and polishing sure did this job.
Leading to a tube-shaped hall,
You surely don't find any brawl.

Sorry if it doesn't make sense.

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