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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Student Leader Investiture Ceremony 2009

well okay, i`m going to talk other things than the student leader investiture ceremony.

well this all happened yesterday on Monday, 16th February 2009. =D
didn`t have time to write a blogg since i went to work after school. gahh

School`s Student Leader Investiture Ceremony >.<
hehe, i got a seat on a chair since i`m one of the Student Mentor.
so gay that we received a certificate instead of a badge.
Michael Johnson was the person who presented out the certificates to the yr 11 mentors. he knew i was viet =D and told me that his wife was vietnamese, which was cool. there was a small morning tea for the student leader and their parents.

apart from the investiture ceremony today, the day seemed so long, since there was a traffic jam. grrr, the traffic jam lasted at least THREE HOURS. :@

it probably took like 2 hrs just to get home on the bus. usually it would take under 1 hr to get home.

when i went to work that day, it took me like HALF AN HOUR to get there. usually it`d only take me under 10 min to get there.

i swear the traffic jam was really bad that day.

well yeh, that`s all i have to say for that day =D

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