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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Swimming Carnival 2009

6:30am - i woke up. omg swimming carnival today!! got out of bed and got ready....

7:50am - left home to school

9:00am - attend form class

9:10am - left form class to sports hall and then left to the Pool
sometime later...

we`re @ the swimming carnival!
gah, i didn`t do much... i didn`t really go for a swim, in fact i was there to "look after" and "support" the year 8 students there as part of mentor program =D

hehe, got to missed out a day of school for that while my other friends attending their normal school lessons

bad thing was that i was supporting the Curragundi team instead of Yallambee =[
why did i support for Curragundi that day? well it`s because i`m looking after one of Curragundi year 8 form class.
LOL, i took some pics =D but i`ll upload it asap, when i have time.

at the end of Swimming Carnival:
2009 Swimming Carnival Winner goes to....
*drum roll*
woooh! go Yallambee!

Swimming Carnival 2009 place:
1. Yallambee
2. Jarup
3. Curragundi
4. Moolanda

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