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Friday, May 1, 2009

Q150 Vietnamese Exhibition

ahh, today was the opening of the Q150 Vietnamese Exhibition.
this means i got a double maths knock-out.
fortunately, my school was invited to this ceremony (specially invited for the students with the vietnamese background). deputy principal supervising was Mrs Kelly. Ms MacAullay was also supervising for this trip.

we got there by a maxi taxi at no cost (school pays for it). well there was two maxi taxi, Mrs Kelly and other seven students was on one of them, and the other seven students and Ms MacAullay. during the first trip, i was in the same taxi with the four yr 10 guys and my two friends, Lan && xtiee with a supervision of Ms MacAullay on the taxi. the trip was long (well that`s wat taxi driver do, trying to charge u more money).

when we got to the exhibition, we got to see all the paintings, photos and other sort of artworks of the Vietnamese culture. they were quite good. we also go to see the dragon dance.

well i won`t go into talking about the opening ceremony, bcoz u guys probably don`t wanna know it. but if u do, during the opening ceremony, the Australian national anthem and Vietnamese freedom anthem were sung, and yes i did sang both anthem.

hmm well we spent a bit more looking @ the exhibition then we went back to school.
this time, i went back on the taxi w/ Lan && xtiee, the yr 10 girls and with the supervision of the deputy principal of Mrs Kelly. we got stuck in the traffic and took a different route back to school. reason for the traffic was probably there was another accident on the motorway.

well when we got back to school, we got to have a break 'til lesson three. thank god lesson three was a/cing (my favourite class). i just had my lunch during that break.

well yeah, that was about it for the Q150 Vietnamese Exhibition.

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