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Thursday, April 30, 2009

reporting 300409;;

omg, last day of April! of 2009 that is.

ugh, wat a crappy day, first forgot my btc folder then got told to that bitch having an attitude problem again.

i`ll just give a short story about it.

this morning, realised that i 4got my btc folder that had all my worksheet in it. btc teacher told me off for it. later on, i tried tying my hair up, emily was just being nice telling me that i had some hair sticking out, btc teacher stared @ me and emily then told us that it was not a make up and hair time and said don`t see why i had to tie it up since i look fine with it. wth, i was just trying to tie it up 'cause it was getting a bit hot @ my neck. later on, i got told for making notes on emily`s sheet. emily didn`t mind coz i`m kinda doing her work there.

hmm fast forwarding to a/cing class. that bitch (i won`t disclose her name) freaking took our group`s seat, she`s so not gonna look forward having a good time @ school. i recommend her to go back to where she came from. hmmm we learnt about statement of financial performance today. did it in the treble cash book.

well yeh, that`s about it for today. wow, it didn`t seem much as i thought. oh well.

tc <3

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