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Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Day of Year 12 - 280110;;

ahh, new year = new school year
omg, i`m finally seeing this day, first day of yr 12. LOL

well it seem like a pretty normal day.
first lesson had the yr 12 assembly, school assembly and hsg.
in hsg, we received our diary and timetable for school.
timetable was the same as last yr, except we`re in yr 12.

school bell rang for AM break.
did the usual and shared out VN souvenirs to friends.

bell rang for 2nd lesson. had IPT class.
changed login password and filled out agreement form.
learnt a bit about school network system, etc.

bell rang for 3rd lesson. had english class.
teacher went over the Year Overview and the topic we`re learning.
review over alliteration, metaphors, similes, onomatopoeia... for poems.

bell rang for PM break.
did the usual stuff.

bell rang for 4th lesson. had Accounting class.
received our portfolio sheet. not the top of a/cing class anymore. top student of class goes to TC. ahaha, neck to neck with idk how many A+ and 2 A's. however, recent marks affect it, therefore top student now is TC.
apart from that, we did more learning on accounts payable, accounts receivable and internal controls. we also did a bit of review on cash, inventories and internal.

well that`s about it for the day.

i`ll blogg more whenever.
until then,
tc <3

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