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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


haven`t blogged in ages!
didn`t do much on the holidays, except for the traditional buying new items for school.
well i decided to do a quick report on the QUT START today.

first of all, why did i get involved with this QUT START program?
well, i wanted to try what those university subjects were like, so i tried applying as a Visiting Student at QUT. my application got approved and allowed me to confirm my enrolment. that`s how i got involved in the QUT START program.

before QUT, met up with Rachel from A/cing class. we talked about our holidays before entering the QUT START intro.

QUT START today started with an intro of some of the services available on QUT GP campus. after the intro, alias on officer called back the a/cing in high school peeps (that included me). she called us back to say that we're not required to attend the QUT START, but we're welcome to attend anyway. well since i`m here at QUT, why not just participate in it?

after that, it was just morning tea. met a dude from Gold Coast. i was surprised how some people would go that far from home to uni (while being in yr 12) every week for uni lectures and tutorials. sometime after, we were splitted into groups by the coloured stars we have on our name tag. i was in the pink/red star group. the group supervisor was named Richard.

having been split into groups, my group went around to other places on campus. some random lady giving a speech about her balancing uni and school back in her 12th grade. met some random peeps that were studying the same subjects in the same semester.

later on, got photo taken for QUT ID card. after that, met other random peeps.

sometime later, the group was escorted to the library. holy crap, the library there is HUGE! there were few levels of books being stored on shelves.

lunch time at 1:15pm

getting to know your faculty was at 2:05pm.

just after 3pm, it was home time.
went to the gatehouse and waited a while 'til my dad picked me up.
on the way home, some dude smashed the back bit of the car. we thought he ran away, but really, he parked somewhere and came to my dad to sort the problems out. they finally came out with a conclusion on how it would solve out.

got home at about 4:15pm.
that was it for QUT START. i can't exactly remember what time i did all those activities above.

well i`ll try to blogg more sometime.
until then,
tc <3

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