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Thursday, April 1, 2010

QCS immersion 2010 - 310310 && 010410;;

OMG, those two days were BORING! but quite educative too.
it was good that we got a taste of how the QCS test is going to be like for this year. it probably also help us to approach other questions in other subjects.

Might Minds Company ran this workshop for my school.
QCS immersion was ran in the Sports Centre for the two days.
Steven McCabe ran day 1 QCS immersion.
another person ran day 2 QCS immersion.
they went over the 3 types of test that were gonna be done in QCS later in September.
those 3 types of test were: Writing Task, Short Response and Multiple Choice.

day 1 was Writing Task. they gave us a chance to do the writing task and get a 4-page report feedback on it. the concept that we got to practice was "Circle".

day 2 was Short Response. my gosh i found it hard >.<
they also went over multiple choice questions and how to approach to it.
at the end of the day, we had 5-10 minutes of school left. the school principal said he'll "be the good guy and let everyone out early". people started to clap and left the Sport Centre.

overall, i did terrible for the QCS practice set.
i hope i don`t pull my school averages down in the QCS test. ahhh

well i could go into details, but that would be too boring.

i hope i find something interesting to post on.

until then,
tc <3

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