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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Haiku and Cinquain

More random poems I've wrote back in 2004.
Again, my grammar and tense aren't the best.
Some of them are quite weird.
Let's face it, I was in year 6 and from a non-english speaking background.

- Haiku -

Untitled #1
Spring is coming now,
Birds are tweeting in the air
It's time to play now.

Untitled #2
The wind is breezing,
It blew my boat to the east,
The wind stopped breezing.

- Cinquain -

Untitled #1
Fat, cute
Laying eggs, noisy
Living in the barn

Untitled #2
Cute, small
Running, slobbering, barking
Live in the kennel
Chi Hua Hua!

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