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Monday, December 29, 2008

Fortifying Fruits

Some random article for healthy skins taken out from a magazine.

Remember to eat these frest fruits for healthy skin.

Apple - Cleans teeth and freshens breath. It also helps against cellulite.
Carrot - High in vitamin C. Essential for maintaining collagen levels.
Citrus Fruits - Helps clear blemishes and is a good cleanser both inside and out.
Mango - High in vitamin B3 (good for dermatitis sufferers) and beta carotene to protect against sun damages.
Pineapple - Great for treating blemishes and unclogging pores - a good exfoliant.
Pomegranate - Rich source of vitamin C.
Strawberry - Good for nourishing nails and hair follicles.
Watermelon - Helps hydrate your skin with its high water content.

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