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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

DAY 1 Block Exam - 090609;;

omfg, i think i failed both of my exams today :'(

maths B was a failure, i didn`t even know how to do the first question of MaPs. gahhh
the rest of the MaPs, didn`t really have reasonable answers to it. the last MaPs question, i 4got to figure out the area of Semicircle. how stupid was i?

after maths B exam, there was a 30 min break b4 i did my BCT exam.
just did some more revision of BCT exam.

BCT exam was a failure too, i guess, i didn`t finish both of my study cases :(
i didn`t conclude the two study cases properly. gahhh

i hope i`ll do well in the other exams.
well i guess that`s about it.
i`ll update more on my other blocks.

well <3 tc

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