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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DAY 2 Block Exam - 100609;;

hmm, today i did my Maths A exam.
it went for 2.5 HOURS
but this time, it wasn`t as bad as maths B exam.
i hope i did well in it =]

after my maths A exam, i just stayed @ school and mucked around.
damn, was suppose to start on english short story, filling it gaps and silence of the book Of Mice and Men.
during yr 8-10`s SCRAM lesson, i tagged along with Kennie and Clement to Chemistry Tutorial (even though i don`t do chemistry). Bo was already there when we came.
stayed there `til school day ends.

that`s about it today.
got english exam tomorrow.
better get crackin', needa write up a short story.

that`s about it,
<3 tc

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