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Friday, June 26, 2009

reporting 260609;;

lol, yay it`s last day of term 2 =]
two more term to go.

i`ll outline wat i`ve done today @ school.

well Roll mark, we only had 7 students there...

lesson 1 was Maths B.
idk the no. of students attended the class, but blake decided to join in... (god knows why he wanted to join the maths B class for today) and surprisingly, the teacher let him.
teacher played "let`s make a deal" game for probability then later got everyone to go up to BT block to search up the Monty Hall. after that, everybody got free time.

lesson 2 was Maths A.
lol, we just played board games there. teacher suggested that i should play yahtzee, and it was fun =] i was winning the two game with jordan, until tina came along... LOL, tina was surely lucky that day... also the teacher was surprised how i kept on getting full house that time. xD

lesson 3 was Accounting
ahaha, feel so sorry for those ppl who didnt come that day to a/cing class, there were still works to do. LOL, we had a quiz first up. my group won xD. so then a packet of lollies "dropped down from the sky" *wink wink* that mini snakes lollies were yummy.

lesson 4 was BCT
i wasnt really looking forward to it, but we didn`t do any work today.
there was only 4 students in the class today.
teacher said we had to go around the whole school, telling them to turn off the powerpoint switch after the lesson ends.
after doing that, mr papas came into the class, asking for help (i think). well yeh, then we filed all the assessment of his class in a folder for each student while he was trying to play games on the computer ==". he was struggling to open the game files, ahahaha. well sometime later, he finally figured it out w/ ricky`s help (i think). 5 min later, mr papas and the other students from other class came bak to their class. few minutes later, the bell rang.

well yeh, that`s about it for school today.
idk wat to do on the holiday, but gotta drive, that`s for sure.

anyways, tc <3

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