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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DAY 2 Block Exam - 181109;;

i screwed my maths B exam up :'(

well i had maths B block exam. it went for 2.5 hrs.
during the last half of the exam, i started to get pain in my back and stomach. girls, u know i mean by that.
i didnt even understand MaPs questions 2, 3, and 4. :(
KaPs was alright, but i didn't even understand the first question of KaPs.
good thing that today wasn't as hot as yesterday.

well after maths B exam, i went to find my usb. i came to my english teacher's staffrom and she didn't find any usb. lol, she gave me chocolate xD and let me go into the english classroom to check if my usb was there. unfortunately it wasn't and she recommended me to ask the office lady for it. i came down the office and amazing enough, they found my USB. i was so happy that i found the usb again, coz i had so much work on it. works that counted towards yr 12 final results.

meh. i gotta do my english oral.

until then,
tC <3

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