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Friday, November 20, 2009

DAY 4 Block Exam - 201109

crap, i missed out Day 3 block exam.
well day 3 block exam, i didn`t really have any exams except for an english oral i had to perform. damn, i stuffed up english oral pretty badly :(
after the english oral, i went with mello to her art classroom and did art. damn her art piece was good :)
approximately 12:20pm, we just walked out to the bus stop near school. the bus seem take forever, so i ended up taking a ride with mello.
arrived at the shopping centre at 12:35pm. caught the bus home at 1:50. arrived home at 1:05pm
well that`s about it for the day

Day 4 Block
had BCT competency thing to complete at 1:30pm.
it was also the yr 12 graduation.
in the morning, did more IPT work.
in the noon, stuffed around art block and tried on senior jerseys.
in the afternoon, did BCT competency.
i also received my marks back for the BCT exam i did last wk. i actually got B+ in both criteria :)
since i've actually completed the BCT competency a while ago, they just let me go out early (like about 50 - 55 minutes early). after being let out early, just went back to RC and did more IPT work.
that`s about it for the day.
it seemed pretty boring. LOL

until then
tc <3

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