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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

reporting 040510;;

ahh, a rainy day today. the sky was dull.

anywho, it`s been an alright day, but i think my teacher is gonna break my neck 'coz i haven't hand it a proper english draft. :s

apart from that, it has been quite a busy day.

1st lesson had IPT. teacher was gone 'coz his wife was having a baby. awww.

after ipt lesson, went to my a/cing teacher's office to do the uni a/cing quiz. she wasn't there quite unfortunately. guess i have to do the quiz another day.

2nd lesson had English. as i said, teacher is probably gonna break my neck. handed in an incomplete draft of around 500 words. babble language. it's suppose to be a persuasive speech. eh.

3rd lesson had BCT. had to give an oral presentation. i thought my group went pretty bad, especially me. i was pretty much reading the script w/out giving much eye contacts to my audience. ahh. but i`m glad the oral is already done. well i still got part b to do. that would be the last of the integrating project for BCT.

4th and final lesson had Maths B. ahh, more differentiation on loge and e^x. arghh, i don`t get most of them :( hopefully i will get them sooner or later.

i guess that`s it for the day. overall, i thought it turned out quite crap.
i hope it would be a bit better at least.

until then,
tc <3

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