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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

reporting 190510;;

sunny day with the cold weather.
i`m sick :(

well not like you guys care, but i`m gonna give a quick review of my day today. it wasn't like any wednesday. i got to miss out on SPP :)

school *sigh*

1st lesson - Maths A
more networkings. i hate networkings. well topic is called "networks". i finally learnt difference between Tree and Spanning Tree.

bell rang for AM break

2nd lesson - Maths B
revision. back to Pythagorean Identity/ies. surprised i that i remembered the 6 "rules" for it. or is it 7? teacher tried to join in the conversation between dwee, kennie and moi and looked @ how much work dwee did. he gave up when a student asked for help.

3rd lesson - IPT
more database *sigh* i can`t wait to drop out of that subject.

bell rang for PM break

i signed out at the office and waited for dad to pick me up to go to QUT.
*fast forward*
got to QUT. lecture time 3-6pm. i saw Rach there. we sat together in the lecture. lecture today covered topic 12 - analysis and interpretation of financial statements. lecture was pretty boring. there`s a lot to learn. i was amazed how they had breaks within lecture. well lecture was 3 hrs, so i guess students do expect breaks.

eh, well that was it for the day.

i`ll try to post something interesting next time.
until then,
tC <3



whoa ko ; keep up the good work ! and study hard 8)

KayOhh said...

LOL thanks Hong ^^