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Thursday, May 13, 2010

reporting 130410;;

sunny day. cold the temperature was. i had BCT, IPT, English and Accounting today.

first up was BCT. i had a substitute today because my BCT teacher was feeling ill. worked more on our part B integrated assignment.

bell rang for AM Break.

second had IPT. did more work on database *sigh* ... theory work *double sigh*

third had English. listened to more protest speeches. everybody's speech was interesting. i like mel's speech, it`s quite funny. Erin's speech was very touching. i didn't want to do my speech after her, but had no choice to. i finally did my speech. it was under 7 min but still within the 10% margin. *phew*

final lesson was Accounting. did more MYOB work. i think i need to revise the notes again.

oh no! got BCT part B draft due tomorrow. better get going.
well that`s it for the day.

until then
tC <3

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