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Friday, May 28, 2010

reporting 280510;;

a sunny day ending with some spitting.
yes, another boring post. anyone interested in my life, feel free read.
okay, i`m trying to keep it short.

First lesson had maths B.
did more revisions. the whole class really ended up talking about crazy things instead of doing maths revision. discussed wide range of topics, from friends to dissecting cane toads.

Second had maths A.
LOL, learnt straight line equation. that was so year 9 work. teacher was getting quite annoyed with the amount of talk in class. and darn, xtiee was away today :(

Third had Accounting.
Did more MYOB works. teacher was pointing out mistakes that students made in the class. learnt how to do a Balance Day Adjustment in GJ of MYOB.

Fourth had BCT.
BCT Part B assignment due in. i`m glad it`s done. did more "advanced" word processing. creating tables and inserting formulas to it.

okay, school doesn`t end there. i have a QUT lecture 13 to attend to.
so, my dad drove me to QUT GP after picking up my sis and dropping them @ home.

around 30 mins later... i`m @ QUT GP.

went and wait outside the lecture room. the lecture provided some afternoon snack. stepped into the room, grab some afternoon snack and chose my own lil spot. a girl from a different school came by and sat to a seat next to me. we've talked and exchanged detail at the end of lecture. yay! i just made a new friend @ QUT. can't wait til i get into uni full-time next year.

well @ the lecture, Ros Kent covered the items that were going to be in the exam. i`m so glad we don't really need to do everything covered from topic 7 to 12, example, bad debts and that etc.

end of lecture, came out to the gatehouse and waited for dad to pick me up.

well that`s about it for the day. i guess it was pretty boring to you guys, but it was a good day for me, since i made a new friend.

anyways, i hope i can write something more interesting next time.

until then,
tc <3

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