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Thursday, March 5, 2009

the start of autumn 09

hmm, thought i might like to report about the start of autumn 09 =D

about time it starts to kick in.
i love the autumn breeze blowing into me,
it feels so cool =]

well yeh, apart from the autumn kicking in,
school is okay, i guess.

outline for the school today:

9am - went to form class

9:10 to 10:20pm - BCT class. nearly finished my exercise to get cert II in Business administration

10:20 to 11:05pm - AM break. nothing much happen, just the usual

11:05 to 12:15pm - IPT class. did more research on music piracy. gotta do a magazine article for that

12:15pm to 1:25pm - English class. ugh, feature article due. i probably will get a crappy mark for that.

1:25pm to 1:55pm - PM Break. omg! xtie, srina && tahnee forgot they got A/cting hw to do. they attempt to get it done.

1:55pm to 3:05pm - Accounting lesson. did the usual transaction analysis and General Journal. finish the Charter of Accounts, Ledger and Trial Balance tomorrow =D

well that was it for school day today.
i miss year 9, it was the best year yet. so many great things happen, but also disastrous thing happens. so much drama that year.

well that`s all i have to say for now. =D

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