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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

reporting 310309;;

omg, i just realised it`s the last day of March 2009! :o

today was a mess >.<
i`m gonna outline today`s school day.
this morning, i knew i wasn`t gonna get a good day, as i woke up half awake and feeling grumpy.

got to school @ 8:15am, waiting for the other friends to come.
bell rang 8:55am for form class. form class went 'til 9:10am.

first lesson was IPT. we did NS-Diagrams (isn`t that great?).

AM break @ 10:25am. my friends and i started to say the name "Darlene" in a funny accent like we did yesterday... that was probably the best bit of the day.

bell rang for 2nd lesson @ 11:00am.
english lesson in 2nd lesson. did the usual, just worked out of a txt book && teacher talking about Australian Identity. lesson ended @ 12:15pm.

3rd lesson was horrible, had to do organisational skill presentation for BCT class. it was a mess. i`m probably gonna have redo 'til it`s competent. lesson ended @ 1:25pm.

ahhh. PM Break, played THiRTEEN. =D

Maths B was the last lesson i had for the day. did more maths revision, as maths B exam is on tomorrow >.< Drew talked about things not related to maths. LMAO
lesson 4 ended @ 3:05pm. thank god it`s over.

bus i caught home was pretty dodgy. it was those old crappy bus.
oh well. that was about it for today. seemed like a long tiring day to moi.

tc <3

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