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Friday, March 6, 2009

grrrr. reporting 060309

ugh. what a crappy morning
(except for the part i was on a winning streak in THiRTEEN =])

outline of my day @ school:

before school - played thirteen w/ a bunch of guys. winning streak, woooh!

9:00am to 9:10am - attend form class

9:10am to 10:25am - Maths B class. ugh. class was meant to end 10:20am! well this was the shytt start of my day. spot a spider and pointed right @ it. teacher asked if i got issues. i said no.
65 min later... packed stuff to get out of class. teacher said no packing up yet =="
ugh. another 5 min, class finally ended

10:25am to 11:05am - AM break. yay. ate lunch. xtiee`s muffin tasted nice =D

11:05am to 12:15pm - Maths A class. received our marks back. =s results were good =]
can`t believe i made a stupid mistake in the MaPs Q2. got S4 for that =[ ahaha. miss winks left a little msg on the S5 MaPs Q saying well done and asked how are you =D. learnt about exchange rate.

12:15pm to 1:25pm - Accounting class. did more Journals and Ledgers. =D

1:25pm to 1:55pm - PM break. ahh, Lan && xtiee`s muffin tasted nice. =D OMG! that guy i thought that went to my vietnamese language school was a GIRL! XD
all along, xtiee, duy, me (and other ppl) thought she was a guy. well it`s the way she dress, she was wearing guy`s uniform with a boyish haircut. that was really awkward.

1:55pm to 3:05pm - BCT class. i FINALLY finished all the work need to complete for Cert 2 in Business =]
also found out BCT exam was an open book exam. yay

after 3:05pm - weekend starts =D

okkies, that`s the outline of school program today.


Clement said...

OMG that is a she!!!!!!!......never trust yr eyes KO :(

KayOhh said...

LOL. so true aye?