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Thursday, April 9, 2009

reporting 090409 (term 1 last day);;

yay! last day of term 1 2009.
it has been a long week, 11 terms.

caught the bus today (i usually go by car to school).
i paid for mathletics. ahaha, i`m gonna give it a try =D
my lessons today @ school were BCT, IPT, English and Accounting.

BCT - helped Kazumi and Madoka with their competency (since i finished all mine)
IPT - just finished of yesterday`s class work
English - watched AU show, Kath && Kim. felt so sleepy.
Accounting - got out accounting assignment result back. yay! i got an A+ =] full mark hehe. only me and thanh got full mark in this accounting assignment. that was my highlight of the day. teacher gave out easter eggs =] and we mucked around.

after school, bus missed my stop. oh well, i just bummed around @ tam`s house.
gah, got work today. i`m working wednesday, thursday && saturday. got no sunday shift this wk =[ probably bcoz Coles isn`t open on easter sunday.

well that`s about it.

tc <3

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