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Monday, April 6, 2009

reporting 060409;;

yo. i`m gonna outline today`s highlight.

well today, yr 8 coordinator hosted an AM break Dance party for the year 8`s. so sad that not all came, bcoz it would`ve been fun for them (well i enjoyed it xD). ahaha, nearly all the mentors were there, but the ones that weren`t there were feeling sick. if i remembered what sort of dance we did today, we did the american latin dance. i thought it was hard to learn, but it was fun overall.

today`s school lesson were Accounting, English and Maths A.
oh yeh, and we had assembly in the morning.

in Accounting, were were playing Megabucks (i 4got the name already >.<)
oh well, no one really played the game even though i tried convincing them. they just let me won the game. LOL

hmmm, apart from that, on the way home, the bus driver missed my stop :(
i had to walk all the way from the main bus station home. well okay, maybe it isn`t as long as my other friend`s walk from her bus stop home. on the walk home, was it me or did i just saw one of the old dude that study @ the viet school i go to was going the bus stop. i mean the old dude was like ummm, more than 20 yo. usually the oldest dude studying @ viet skool would be like 17? well wtf.

umm, anyways, i guess that was about it for today.

tc <3

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