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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Q1, where is Q1?

okkies, LOL. why the heck did i name my title that?
well, i`d like to report and funny incident that happened in my Maths A class yesterday.

during maths A class yesterday, we were learning about Measures of Spread (Dispersion). In that, we learnt three things, Range, Interquartile Range and Standard Deviation. i`m just gonna talk about the time when we were learning about Interquartile Range.

When teacher was teaching about Interquartile Range, she asked where Q1 was. Blake (some dude from the VI unit - probably has ADHD) replied, "i know where Q1 is, i know where Q1 is. she`s the chick sitting on the other side of the classroom!" he was refering Q1 to me. everybody started to laugh (including me), but i wasn`t really sure wat the teacher`s reaction was. anywho. he kept saying Q1 was me, even outside class. wat do u expect from a ADHD guy?

well, i guess that`s wat i wanted to report. xD

tc <3


Emily said...

Hi KO! love your profile! twin stars. thank you for being my friend! i appreciate it. ^_^

Anonymous said...

lol! q1 hotel & q1 in math and now there's a q1 in rl? ROFLjavascript:void(0);

KayOhh said...

uh, who`s that?