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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


well i`m gonna report today`s day && a bit of yesterday night too. (idk if that even makes sense)

well yesterday night, i was looking @ my this term`s report card.
ugh, it was kinda crappy, i couldn`t believe i got a C for effort in maths B. damn, i really hate this Drew dude. i really want to go up and kick him in the shin so he can sit in a wheelchair. LOL, but then dwee made up a funny story about this dude && darlene. LMAO

okkies, well today, i sat my maths B exam.
gosh, i think i`ve screwed it up >.<

&& LOL @ Belinda, she got a detention slip from Ms Zhang for being in incorrect uniform. LMAO, the detention slip was fake. and darn, she didn`t fell for it :(

ahaha, chemistry tutorial was on today during SPP class.
i attended chem tutorial. the chem teacher called out the roll of people who does chemistry. my name wasn`t on the list bcoz i don`t do chemistry. OH CRAP! i had to go up to the teacher and told her i don`t do chem so that i can get my name written on the roll. thank god she was my last yr`s chem/physics teacher, so she knows me. she probably think i`m whack now =D

yeh, that`s about it for today.

tc <3

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Hall Monitor said...

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