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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CPR practice - 160610;;

ewww. CPR practice today :(

CPR Practice was done during the end of the block examination period. since i`m in Yallambee, my house does it after other houses.

Yallambee CPR Practice was at 11:05am to 12:15pm. all yr 12 Yallambee students gathered into HU06 and HU04 for this CPR presentation and practice.

i was really paranoid with using the same mask that other people used. the person i paired up to use the same manikin (NOT the same mask) was Josh Volkmann (some quiet, smart dude). it took me a while to get it right. i was so happy that the teacher said i could pack up.

man, i`m still paranoid about the mask not being cleaned properly.

gahh, i`m not putting this in a logical order.

well hopefully i have something better to say next time.

until then
tC <3

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