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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i can`t do long division :s

the sky was grey. the day just seem so dull.
anyways. i`ll try to keep this short.

well the title is a summary of what i`m gonna say.
i was in maths B class today. we did more integration work.

during the class, teacher put on youtube video of some "player cheating the soccer game" preview (w.e. it`s called). i was amazed how teacher have access to youtube while students doesn`t.

anyways, after watching that preview, the teacher decided to have a maths competition between two students. ali and athavan went up and competed against each other. i didn`t even notice who won the round.

after that, he decided to have a long division competition against me. i refused to go up there at first, but because my classmates pressured me into going up there to verse the teacher, i did. when i went up there, teacher said to me, "don`t beat me". LOL. i kinda panicked because i haven`t done long division in ages. it felt like i don`t even know how to do long division.
30 seconds later...
i saw the teacher standing there. well i gave up after seeing him finished with the long division. emily came up and did the rest of my long division. after that, it was found that my teacher did the long division incorrectly. some kid just came up and put a cross next to his answer. ahaha.

well that just ended the lesson.

that`s about it, i guess.
sounds boring aye?
my point was that i can`t do long division AND my MATHS teacher did long division incorrectly.

well that`s about it.

until then
tc <3

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