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Friday, June 25, 2010

LAST DAY OF TERM TWO 2010 - 250610;;

OMG! finally, 1 semester down. 1 to go.
wow, yr 12 is passing by pretty quick.
i`ll try to make it short.

Friday`s Timetable; (in order of lessons)
Maths B - did a bit on natural log integration. while doing a bit of integration, teacher was fiddling with his pen. i looked @ him and he stopped. oops. some of the kids played cards with the teacher in the second half of the lesson.

AM break - played cards w/ dwee, kennie, bo && bel. i won and lost a few games. belinda lost the final game, which made her the AM Loser for the day.

Maths A - did tangram. learnt how to play rummy-o after that. it was a fun lesson.

QTAC talk - it took over a/cing lesson for today. one of qtac staff came to school to give a talk on how to apply qtac properly. received the qtac book.

PM Break - after QTAC talk, i saw my a/cing teacher. she gave me my persuasive essay speech back. WOW! she got the persuasive essay marked in less than one day! i got an A for it. hopefully i can do well in my next assessment piece(s) for a/cing.

BCT - did some word search in class. other kids were folding planes and throwing it around.

well that`s about it for the day.

until then
tC <3

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