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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

reporting 020610;;

ahhh. i can feel the cool breeze coming into me.
was it a sunny day? because i recalled seeing dull sky and light showers.
wednesday, 3rd day of school week.

(in order of lessons)

Maths A
Teacher came to class a bit late today. i`m assuming she poured hot water onto her hand as i could see a large bandage cover most of her hand (i don't exactly remember which hand it was). revised Venn diagrams.

bell rang for AM break. just ate lunch and and made whistling sounds with other friends in the library. reynald got annoyed by the whistling.

Maths B
LOL. teacher walked out of the class to get the "diagnostic test" paper. Athavan and Andrew carried the table, chairs and his item out into the GS hall. some kid from the younger grade stared @ them for doing that. the teacher came back into the class and started to talk about the maths revision to the class. it took him around 5-10 minutes to realise that his desk, chair and items went missing. when teacher realised that his items went missing, he said he hoped everything would "magically" appeared back to where it was while he is helping students with their maths problems. did more maths revision on exponentials.

before walking into IPT class, Ali and I randomly walked into the Maths B teacher's year 10 computing class. the teacher was wondering wth. 30 seconds later, Ali and I just walked out of the class into our IPT class. later in the lesson, Maths B teacher came looking for my IPT teacher while my IPT teacher was explaining how to normalise those Conceptual Schema diagrams. i saw a lump of the graphics calc in his pocket. Maths B teacher left for around 5 minutes and came back. He waited for the IPT teacher. while he was waiting, i asked if that was a calculator in his pocket. he pulled out the graphics calculator out of the pocket and my friends and me started to laugh. lalala. did more revision on IPT.

bell rang for PM break. just ate lunch and discussed about internet connections with TeeJay and others.

had a substitute because my SPP teacher wasn't here. did more boring stuff. i think i`m gonna stuff up the QCS test.

well that`s about it for school.

doing nothing interesting atm. got 4 exams in the block next week. got BSB110 exam this Saturday @ 8:30AM. damn, it`s on a SATURDAY MORNING.

well imma go a study now.

until then
tC <3

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