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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DAY 2 BLOCK EXAM - 070910;;

Day two of block exam. gahhhh.

I had Maths B exam today. It went from 9:00 to 11:30am.
When entering the exam room, we had to show that we've reset our graphics calculator. While resetting it, my Maths A teacher told me I did well in the Maths A exam (i`m not sure if she marked it all or not).

After that, I sat at the desk that had the exam paper on it. I knew I was going to be doomed by this exam paper.

When we got to do our exam, my Maths B teacher had to leave because he had a class. My IPT teacher supervised instead for the first 70 minutes of the lesson. After that, I think it was Mr Griffin supervising the exam.

Two hrs and a half later...
HOLY CRAP! The exam was hard! I couldn't come up with an answer for the last two MaPs question (which was worth a lot). I have a feeling that I've screwed up my KaPs.

After the exam, we had to put our exam paper to the designated box. My Maths A teacher asked me if the exam hard enough. I replied, "Yes, very hard."

Gahh, three more exams. I hope O can hang in there.
I got uni tomorrow. Hopefully I`m not brain dead for that.

Well until then,
tC <3

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