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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Outing with Tina and Lizzie - 220910;;

It was a lovely day for an outing with my beautiful friends, Tina && Lizzie.

This was how the outing went:

I arrived to the city at around 10:36am. I made my way to HJ. I waited there for Tina and Lizzie.

At around 11:30am? (i can`t remember the time), they arrived. From there, we made our way to Broadway and looked at formal dresses. Those formal dresses look great! One problem, it was hard to find a dress that suits me. Anyways, we arrived to this shop and received assistance on the sort of dresses that would suit me. I tried on a few dresses, but I have to say, I love the long, navy blue dress the most. Unfortunately, I don`t have a photo of it :( While trying on dresses, Lizzie got persuaded to buy those tiara and earrings. And yes, she did end up buying it.

After that, we just went to the food court. Tina and Lizzie bought sushi and bubble tea. They thought that bubble tea tasted great. They said they had a mouth orgasm from drinking those bubble teas. ahaha.

At around 12:45pm, we made our way to QUT. As we arrived at QUT, they ate their sushi at the bench near B Block. Lizzie also met her old friend. They had a short conversation and then we made our way to the lecture room.

We arrived in the lecture room and listened to the lecture. Lizzie and Tina kept dropping their table-chair thing during the lecture. This week's lecture was Australian Labour market. The lecturer was trying to make things funny by talking about villains and heroine of the labour market. Listen to the lecture and you`ll find out who are our villains and heroine ;)

Ahh, when the lecture ended around 3pm, we made our way to our tutorial room. We were at the notices in the B block. After that, I just went in for tutorial. Revision of tax, lame. I still don`t even know what legal incidence and economic incidence of tax is. fml. Tutor was discussing about one of the exam Q. I really need to catch up. I didn`t even do research on obesity and fat tax. Seriously, who named the tax "fat tax"? It doesn't even sound appropriate, as one of the student said.

lalala... it went on...

At the end of the tutorial, I just walked out. Tina asked me about that little secret. I told her and Lizzie to look in and look for that person. Tina was like "Wow! (and said some other stuff afterward)" I just giggled. Lizzie said she prefer *that person* with longer hair. I`m like, "either way, *that person* looks great." Well that`s what they came for, to unravel my little secret.

We made our way to Queen Street Mall after that. I left to Central station after dropping them off @ Queen Street Mall.

That was it.
It was fun hanging out with them because they were such lovely people. <3

Well I`ll blog again sometime

Until then,
tC <3

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