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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

QCS Test DAY 2

Ahh. Another day of QCS.
I`m glad QCS is done.
I`m so disappointed that I have to miss out my Uni Lecture and Tutorial :(
Lizzy, you know why. :)

This time for QCS, we did Short Response and Multiple Choice II.

Short Response was in the AM session. We had 2 hr 10 min (inc perusal) to complete it. Unfortunately, I didn't not attempt all the questions :(

Well after that session, they gave out free Subway again. YAY! This time, I had Salami instead of turkey. We just mucked around until 12:20pm.

By 12:20pm, we had to be back at the door. This time we had Multiple Choice II exam. We had 1 hr 40 min (inc perusal). I thought it was easier than yesterday's MC I exam.

When time was up, exam paper was collected and we were instructed to bring the desk up to where it belong (the chairs and desk were taken from different block and set in the Sport Centre). The first two rows were from GS block. Students that were sitting there had to carry it back to there. Man, I feel their pain because it was ON THE OTHER SIDE OF the school. Lucky from the desk and chair I sat in, it was from MA block, which was only half the distance. It was still tiring to bring it up there. gahh.

Well after the exam, we just came back to the Sport Centre and chill until it was 3:05pm. Close to that time, the deputy principal dismissed us.

I guess that was the end of the whole QCS thing.
Boy, I'm glad that QCS is done. I honestly think the whole QCS thing is a waste of time. On the bright side, we got to miss out on the boring subjects we would have in those times.

Meh, well hopefully I can find something more interesting to write about.

Until then,
tC <3

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