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Friday, September 17, 2010

LAST DAY OF TERM THREE 2010 - 170910;;

OMG! I thought I would never get to see that day.
Last day of term three, one more to go!

I`ll do a quick review of the day.

L1 - Maths B.
Teacher handed out term 3 assessment results back, as well as our overall grade as at 17/09/10. I got a B overall. After that, teacher asked ask to sketch our happiness on a pair of axis. Teacher then sketched his on the board and briefly explained his life story. I totally didn`t expect my teacher's life story to turn out like that. After that, I just played on my iphone and verse Mia in peggles on her iTouch.

Anyways bell ring for AM break. I just followed Mia up to the international office. Tina and Lizzie found me up there. :)

sometime later...

L2 - Maths A.
The teacher realised that we only had 5 students in the class. She marked the roll and let us go into GS06. I spent time taking photos with friends in that class. You can see them on facebook.

L3 - Accounting.
We had to disassemble and sort the robotic kits for the IPT students for next term. I can't believe I'm doing robotics next term, gahh. It was so boring. Tina, TJ and me took more photos and ate lollies :)

Bell rang for PM break. Kazumi made profiterole. OMG! those tasted great! ahaha. I just talked with the other peeps until L4.

L4 - BCT.
Turned up to class. Teacher marked the roll and let us go into any class we like. I went into my Maths B teacher's class. At that time, he had yr 12 Maths A. We just played cards. Thirteen to be exact. It was pretty fun. ahaha.

ehh, that was about it for the day. One more term to go. I can't wait.

Until then,
tC <3

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