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Thursday, September 9, 2010

DAY 3 BLOCK EXAM - 090910;;

Today is my third day block exam. Fourth day of block exam for others.

I had BCT part B and Accounting Exams.

BCT Part B exam was done first. Part A is done next Monday. BCT Part B exam went from 9:10 to 10:25pm. We were given a case study and we had to write an essay on it. I think I screwed it up pretty badly. Anyway, I'm glad it`s done.

After that, I had break. We just talk and laughed. After that, I went with Tina and TeeJay up to BT Block to study for our Accounting. Not long after, we left the BT block and walked around. I then met up with Bo and Clement, who did their Maths C exam. We were talking about the Maths C exam, how they said it was so hard. Sam walked by and Bo asked how was the Maths C exam. Sam gave a "shoot the gun in the head" action to Bo and we all laughed, knowing that nearly all maths C students thought they've screwed up their exams.

Bell rang at 12:15pm and we all left to our own place. Clement and Bo went home while I went to my Accounting exam room early. Some time later, we sat our computers and used the exam logins. Teacher gave out exam papers to us. Our exam was to write a report analysing ratios and financial statements of a business. I think I've screwed up the exam. It went for around two hours. Man, I think I also screwed up that exam. We also have an oral presentation to develop over the weekends to present it next week. FML. I also have BCT Part A exam and IPT Implementation Phase due next monday. FML.

Gahh, it`s going to be a busy weekend. Well I'm probably going to start on it now.

Until then,
tC <3

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