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Sunday, November 7, 2010

BSB113 Final Exam - 061110;;

OMG! My BSB113 final exam started @ 8:30 on a SATURDAY MORNING. :@
I had to get up early and get ready for the exam.

I was in the room M303 @ GP campus.
I screwed up my Economics final exam :(
Man, i didn`t even finished it.

Well I hope i do pass economics overall so I can get a guaranteed spot @ QUT.

After the exam, I hang out with my bro until his exam started.

We went walking around the city and came back to QUT at around 12 midday so he could do his studies. However, his friend didn`t come, so we just sat in the Media Lounge room in V block until 1pm.

After that, him and his friends met up and went to the exam room. They talked about silly things. It was funny to hear how they did things back in Corinda SHS. Yeah..

At around 1:30pm, they left into the exam room and I left off to the train station.

When I hopped on to the train, I heard an announcement saying that they won't be stopping stations between Corinda and Rosewood because of some fixing. Few buses have been organised to bring people to those destinations between Corinda and Rosewood.

Lalala, I had to transfer when I got to Corinda. I got home at around 3.

That was it for the day.
I had fun spending time with my bro.
Thanks for putting up with me, bro.

Well until then,
tC <3

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