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Friday, November 19, 2010

Year 12 Graduation - 191110;;

OMG! I never thought this day would come.
Well it did now.

Let me do a quick recap of what happened today.

Arrived to school at around 8:40am. Oh god, we're meant to be there at 8:30am on the oval. HSG teachers were checking who was here or not for graduation.

We made our way into CPAC (where the graduation ceremony was held) at around 9am.

Graduation ended at 10:30am. We took photos after the graduation ceremony. Thanh also presented me a graduation gift. It was nice that Ben came to the yr 12 graduation. He said he had to come 'coz Tim came to his so he had to come to Tim's graduation.

Around 11:45am, TeeJay, Sushi and I left school to TeeJay's house to get ready for the graduation dinner @ Hotel Richlands.

We arrived at Hotel Richlands at around 12:30pm and purchased a meal there. It was a buffet and it was pretty good. This is probably the last time we would see some of our yr 12s there. I also saw my friend, John, there. I haven`t seen him for ages! We also took photos there.

Buffet closed at around 2pm, so most people left by then. By then, TeeJay, Tina, Sushi, Phuc, Esmond and I were still there.

Tim Nicholls left 1/2 hr later. Phuc and Esmond left a little bit later than Tim.
I left at around 2:40pm, leaving Tina, TeeJay and Sushi behind.

Well that`s about it for graduation.

Until then,
tC <3

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